The 25 Most Popular Baby Boy Names of the Decade

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Choosing a name for your baby is not an easy task. There are just so many options. You could go traditional, modern, or get really weird with it. Which will it be? A Matthew, a Florence, or a Saint? According to the Social Security Administration, which tracks name data in the United States, these are the 50 most popular baby names of the decade. (Please note: This only includes data through 2018. We doubt 2019 data will change much, though.) And without further adieu, here are the 50 most popular baby names of the decade, starting with the top 25 girl names.

The Top 25 Baby Girl Names of the Decade

25. Hannah

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Hannah comes from Hebrew and means “grace” or “favor.” According to the Dictionary of First Names, the name ultimately means, “He (God) has favoured me [with a child].” So… pretty perfect choice, then!

  • Name Origin: Hebrew from the name Channah
  • Name Meaning:  Old Testament name for favor or grace
  • Countries where name is popular: Western Europe and English speaking countries
  • Related names:  Hanna, Anna, Anne
  • Famous Hannahs:  Hannah Storm, Hannah Jeter, Hannah Montana played by Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham’s character on Girls, one of the defining shows of the decade, was also named Hannah.

24. Zoey

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

The name Zoey has its origins in Greek and means, simply, “life.” A pretty perfect name for a new baby when you think about it!

  • Name Origin: Greek
  • Name Meaning:  Life
  • Countries where name is popular: English speaking countries and Netherlands
  • Related names:  Zoe, Zowie, Zoie, Zoya
  • Famous Zoeys:  Zoey Decshanel, Zoe Saldana, Zoe Kravitz

23. Lillian

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Like Lily, the name Lillian references the lily flower. It is a Latin name taken from the word “Lillium,” which means the flower lily.

  • Name Origin: English derived from the name Lily
  • Name Meaning:  Lily flower, which symbolizes innocence purity and beauty
  • Countries where name is popular: Canada, UK, U.S. and Norway
  • Related names:  Lily, Lilly, Lillith
  • Famous Lillians: Lillian Disney, Saint Lillian, Lillian Reardon from ‘Atlas Shrugged’

22. Aubrey

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

The name Aubrey has its origins in German and is derived from “Alberic,” which means “Fair ruler of the little people.” Fancy that!

  • Name Origin: The Norman French derivation of the Germanic name Alberic
  • Name Meaning:  Fair ruler of little people
  • Countries where name is popular: Canada, UK, U.S.
  • Related names:  Aubree, Aubrie
  • Famous Aubreys: Aubrey Plaza, Aubrey Peeples, Aubrey O’Day and Aubrey Graham AKA the rapper Drake

21. Lily

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

The name Lily is taken directly from the flower which bears the same name. The flower itself carries with it meanings of “rebirth,” “pure,” and “passion.” Those are three great qualities or ideas to have associated with your baby girls’ name!

  • Name Origin: English
  • Name Meaning:  Lily flower, which symbolizes innocence purity and beauty
  • Countries where name is popular: English speaking countries, Scandinavia, Belgium, Switzerland
  • Related names:  Lillian, Liliana, Lilith
  • Famous Lilys:  Lily Collins, Lily Tomlin, Lily Evans Potter, Harry Potter’s mom and Lily Luna Potter the daughter of Harry Potter

20. Natalie

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Believe it or not, Natalie is a perfect name for a Christmas baby. Though derived from Latin, it’s the French or English version of the Russian name Natalia, which means “born on Christmas.”

  • Name Origin: Latin
  • Name Meaning:  natale domini, “birthday from the Lord”
  • Countries where name is popular: English speaking and Scandianvian
  • Related names:  Natalia, Natalee, Nathalie,
  • Famous Natalies:  Natalie Portman, Natalie Dormer, and Natalie Wood.

19. Victoria

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Victoria is, and probably always will be, a very popular girls’ name.With stars like former Spice Girl-turned-bonafide-fashion-designer Victoria Beckham rocking the name, it will probably be with us for a while. It’s a classic, just like Elizabeth. And equally as British.

  • Name Origin: Latin
  • Name Meaning:  Victory, Victorious; Roman goddess of Victory
  • Countries where name is popular: Western Europe and English speaking countries
  • Related names:  Vicki, Vicky, Tori, Torie, Vivi, Vicka
  • Famous Victorias: Victoria Beckham, Queen Victoria, Nicki Minaj, Victoria Justice

18. Addison

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Addison was first intended to be a boy’s name. It means “son of Adam”—but that’s changed.

  • Name Origin: Old English
  • Name Meaning:  Son of Adam with Adam meaning “from earth”
  • Countries where name is popular: English speaking countries
  • Related names:  Addy, Addie, Madison, Adelade, Adeline
  • Famous Addisons:  Addison DeWitt was an iconic character from the classic movie All About Eve and teenage social media stars

17. Grace

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Grace follows in the vein of other virtuous-sounding names like Hope and Faith that mean exactly what they say. The name was made popular by 17th century Puritans

  • Name Origin: Latin
  • Name Meaning:  from gratia which means God’s favor or thanks
  • Countries where name is popular: English speaking countries
  • Related names:  Gracie, Graciela,
  • Famous Graces: Grace Kelley, Grace Jones, Grace Slick, Gracie Allen, Gracie Gold and Grace Adler from ‘Will and Grace’ fame

And if you’re old enough to remember the show Grace Under Fire, you know this name is a good fit for a strong woman.

16. Harper

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

What used to be considered a boys name in the 1800s, Harper gained mainstream popularity when author Harper Lee published her classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird.  Victoria and David Beckham have a daughter named Harper, as well

  • Name Origin: English
  • Name Meaning:  harp player
  • Countries where name is popular: Mainly English speaking countries
  • Famous Harpers: Harper Beckham, Harper Lee

15. Evelyn

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Evelyn was very popular in the early 1900s and then resurfaces 100 years later.  is English in origin and means “wished for.” Bruce Willis has a daughter with the name.

  • Name Origin: English
  • Name Meaning:  wished for child
  • Countries where name is popular: Mainly English speaking countries
  • Related names:  Evie, Evaline, Eveline, Eveleen, Aveline, Eve
  • Famous Evelyns: Evelyn “Champagne” King, Evelyn Ashford

14. Ella

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Many celebrities that have named their daughters Ella: John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Warren Beatty and Annette Benning, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, and Mark Wahlberg.

  • Name Origin: English
  • Name Meaning:  Light or beautiful fairy woman
  • Countries where name is popular: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Netherlands, English speaking countries
  • Related names:  Eleanor, Ellen , Elle, Elizabeth, Elia
  • Famous Ellas: Ella Fitzgerald,  Ella Henderson, Cinderella

But our favorite, forever and for always, will be Ella Enchanted, an underrated movie starring Anne Hathaway as the titular Ella.

13. Chloe

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Of Greek origin, Chloe is another name for Demeter, the goddess of harvest and fertility. Some people spell Chloe with a “K.”

  • Name Origin: Greek
  • Name Meaning:  Blooming or fertility
  • Countries where name is popular: Western Europe and English speaking countried
  • Related names:  Khloe, Demeter,  
  • Famous Chloes: Khloe Kardashian, Chloe Sevigny, Chloe Grace Moretz, Aunt Chloe from ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’

There’s a famous luxury fashion brand called Chloé as well, if you are looking to add a little glamour to your baby name.

12. Amelia

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Amelia is the English version Amalia derived form the Germanic word amal, which means ‘work’.  As with many names on this list, the name exists in other languages such as Spanish, Italian, Polish and Scandinavian countries.

  • Name Origin: English version of Germanic word ‘ama’
  • Name Meaning:  Like Emily it means industrious
  • Countries where name is popular: Western Europe and English speaking countries
  • Related names:  Emily, Amalie, Amy, Millie, Mel, Minnie
  • Famous Amelias: Amelia Earhart, Princess Amelia of the UK, Minnie Driver, Amelia Thermopolous from ‘Princess Diaries’

11. Elizabeth

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Elizabeth remains a timeless classic due to its affinity for various nicknames such as Beth, Liz, Lizzie, Eliza, and Liza.  It also has many derivations in other languages such as Isabella in Spanish and Elsa for Germanic languages.

  • Name Origin:  Hebrew
  • Name Meaning:  consecrated to God
  • Countries where name is popular: English speaking countries, Chile, Mexico, Czech Republic and Netherlands
  • Related names:  Beth, Isabella, Elsa, Lizzy, Liz, Liza, Eliza
  • Famous Elizabeths: Queens Elizabeth I and II, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Hurley, Elizabeth Smart, Elizabeth Banks, St. Elizabeth, Elizabeth Shue and many, many more!

10. Charlotte

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Charlotte is French in origin and means “free man. And the name dates back to the 14th century.

  • Name Origin:  France
  • Name Meaning: free man and is the female form of Charlot, a diminutive of Charles
  • Countries where name is popular: English speaking countries, Germany, Scandinavia, Netherlands, and Switzerland
  • Related names:  Carlota, Charlie, Lottie, Lola,
  • Famous Charlottess: Charlotte Bronte, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge,  Charlotte Rae, Charlotte York from ‘Sex and the City’

9. Madison

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Madison has fallen out of fashion as a boy’s name and is now primarily chosen for girls. The rise of Madison’s popularity can be seen after the launch of the move ‘Splash’ Sissy Spacek has a daughter named Madison.

  • Name Origin:  Old English origin and started as a surname, which meant  “Mad’s son”
  • Name Meaning: Mad is short for matthew (gift from god) in the middle ages
  • Countries where name Madison is popular: Primarily English speaking countries
  • Related names:  Maddie, Maddy, Maud
  • Famous Madisons: Maddie Zeigler

8. Emily

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Emily is Latin and means industrious. It comes from the Roman family name Aemilius, which is derived from aemulus, meaning ‘rival, trying to equal or excel’

  • Name Origin:  Latin
  • Name Meaning: Industrious
  • Countries where name Emily is popular: English speaking countries, Germany Netherlands and Italy
  • Related names:  Emilie, Emilia, Amelia, Lily, Lilly, Amy,
  • Famous Emilys: Emily Blunt, Emily Dickinson, Emily Post, Emily Ratajkowski, Emily VanCamp

7. Abigail

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Abigail is first seen in the Bible as King David’s third wife.  A bit of an old-fashioned name, Abigail is coming back with the retro-cool vengeance of other “vintage” names like Beatrice and Violet.

  • Name Origin:  Female Hebrew name
  • Name Meaning: Father rejoiced or father’s joy
  • Countries where name Abigail is popular: English speaking countries and more recently Mexico and Chile
  • Related names:  Abbey, Abbigail, Abigayle, Abby, Abigale
  • Famous Abigails: Abigail Breslin, Abigail Adams, Abigail Disney, and Abbey Bartlett, First Lady on ‘The West Wing’

6. Mia

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Mia is also Hebrew in origin and means “bitter.”.   It also has origins in Italian, Spanish for “mia” meaning ”mine”. Last, Mia is commonly used as a nickname for Maria

  • Name Origin:  Hebrew and Italian and Spanish
  • Name Meaning: bitter in Hebrew or “mine” in Italian, Spanish languages.
  • Countries where name Mia is popular: U.S and Australia
  • Related names:  Maria, Mary, Mariam, Amelia, Amalia, Emilia
  • Famous Mias: Mia Hamm, Mia Farrow, Mia Wasikowska and Mia Wallace of ‘Pulp Fiction’ fame

5. Ava

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

The name Ava has become very popular in the last two decades for girls and is more commonly seen spelled as Eva.  It’s popularity grew recently after many celebs started naming their daughters Ava, such as Resse Witherspoon and Heather Locklear.

  • Name Origin: Hebrew and Latin
  • Name Meaning: Bird or Like a bird
  • Countries where name Ava is popular: U.S. Canada, Australia and New Zeland
  • Related names:  Eva, Eve, Avery, Avaline, Avalon, Aviana, Avis
  • Famous Avas: Ava Gardner, Ava Phillipe, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Eva Peron, Eva Gabor

4. Isabella

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Isabella is a Romance language name and originates from Hebrew Elisheba or mideival Elizabeth.  Isabella was originally used in France, Spain and Portugal. It’s popularity skyrocketed over the last decade. Common nicknames are ‘Izzy’ and ‘Bella.’  It’s English version is Elizabeth

  • Name Origin: A feminine name derived from Hebrew and is the Latin for of Isabel
  • Name Meaning: consecrated to God
  • Countries where name Isabella is popular: English, Spanish and Italian speaking countries and some Western European nations
  • Related names:  Bella, Izzy, Lizzy, Elsa, Elizabeth, Isabelle, Isobel, Isabel
  • Famous Isabellas: Isabella Rosselini, Queen Isabella of Spain,  Bella Hadid, Bella Swan of “Twilight”

3. Olivia

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Olivia is the female form of Oliver and was made popular by Shakespeare in “Twelfth Night” and has been popular in the English speaking world since the mid 1990’s

  • Name Origin: A feminine name derived from Latin
  • Name Meaning: Olive
  • Countries where name Olivia is popular: English speaking countries and some Western Europe
  • Related names:  Liv, Livvy, Ollie, Olive, Oliva, Olivetta,
  • Famous Olivias: Olivia Newton-John, Olivia Wilde, Olivia Munn, Olivia de Havilland, Olivia Coleman and Olivia Pope from “Scandal”

Kerry Washington’s character on Scandal was also named Olivia. Olivia Pope, to be precise.

2. Sophia

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Sophia is a very old Greek name whose origin dates back to the 4th century.  In more modern times, it was popularized in Britain by the German House of Hanover in the 18th century. The name means wisdom. Jude Law and Christian Slater both have daughters named Sophia.  Even today, Sophia is one of the most popular girls’ name in the whole world!

  • Name Origin: Female name Greek in origin
  • Name Meaning: Sophos is the Greek word for wisdom
  • Countries where the name Sophia is popular: English speaking countries and Western Europe
  • Related names: Sophie, Sofia,
  • Famous Sophias: Sophia Loren, Sophia Bush, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), Sophia Vergara

1. Emma

The 50 Most Popular Baby Names of the Decade

Emma tops the U.S list as the most popular name for girls over the past decade after becoming a top 10 name in the early 2000s. It’s no surprise because we all know a ton of Emmas! 

  • Name Origin: Feminine name from the Germanic word ermen
  • Name Meaning: whole or universal
  • Countries where the name Emma is popular: English speaking countries and western Europe
  • Related names: EmilyEmmy, Em, Irma, Emilie, Emmeline, Amelia
  • Famous Emmas: Emmas Watson, Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson or Emma of Jane Austin fame.

And the Top 25 Baby Boy Names of the Decade…

25. Gabriel

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Another Hebrew name! Gabriel means “God is my strength.” A very famous angel from the Bible is named Gabriel, which is a large part of why the name remains popular to this day. And plus, Gabe is a really, really great nickname.

Famous Gabriels and Gabes include actor Gabriel Byrne, comedian Gabriel Iglesias, the aforementioned Gabriel the Angel, and football player Gabe Miller.

24. Andrew

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The name Andrew comes from Greek and means manly or masculine and is popular in English speaking countries. Fitting qualities for a baby boy!

Among the many famous Andrews the world has seen are ‘Spiderman’ Andrew Garfield, 7th President of the U.S., Andrew Jackson and 17th President Andrew Johnson, artistic icon Andy Warhol, funnymen Andy Kaufman and Andy Samberg and heartthrobs on screen Andrew McCarthy from Pretty in Pink and Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead.

23. Samuel

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Samuel is another old name with roots in Hebrew. It is said to mean “God heard” or “name of God,” which makes it fairly similar to Joshua. And hey, Josh and Sam go really well together! There is a version of Samuel in 30 other languages with the name being most popular in European, Latin American English speaking countries.

Famous Samuels and Sams include Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Rockwell, and Sammy Davis Jr. We can’t forget founding father and most famous beer brewer Sam Adams, inventor of the Morse Code, Samuel Morse, baseball great Sammy Sosa, rocker Sammy Hagar.

22. Joshua

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This old Hebrew name, which can be traced back to pre-Biblical times, means “YAHWEH is salvation.” YAHWEH is a Hebrew god. Essentially, this name means “to save.”

Famous Joshuas and Joshes include Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games, Josh Groban, Josh Brolin, and Joshua Malina.

21. Anthony

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The name Anthony comes from the Latin name Antonius and means “highly praiseworthy.” It can also mean “priceless.” The name is common in many European languages.

Famous Anthonys include Mark Antony, Anthony Hopkins, Anthony Bourdain, and Anthony Anderson. Basketball greats Tony Parker and Anthony Davis. Football icons Tony Gonzalez, Tony Dorsett, Tony Romo and Anthony Munoz. Iconic musicians in Tony Bennet and Anthony Kiedis of Red hot Chili Pepper Fame. And who can forget our favorite ‘Psycho” Anythony Perkins.

20. Jackson

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The name Jackson is English and means “son of Jack or John.” Patti Smith and Maria Bello both have sons with the name.

Last year, Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star Is Born featured a main character with the name Jackson, so we’re guessing it’s going to remain popular for a while. Musician Jackson Browne and renowned artist Jackson Pollock also share the name.

19. Lucas

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Lucas has become the go-to name for parents who love the name Luke and its meaning of “light,” but not its popularity. As a result, Lucas has surpassed Luke in the baby name ranks and is most popular in Europe, Latin America and English speaking countries

Lucas Hedges rocks the name, and although it’s his last name, if you want to work a subtle Star Wars reference into your baby’s name, what better way than to honor George Lucas? The best character named Lucas is without a doubt Paul Newman as Lucan Jackson in ‘Cool Hand Luke’. I mean how many people can eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour?

18. Joseph

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Joseph is a Hebrew name translated into “he will add” with variations of Jospeh in many languages and countries around the globe. It’s one of the most popular names in the United States, remaining in the top 15 for all but three years since 1880.

Famous Josephs include VP Joe Biden, baseball great Joe Dimaggio, our favorite ‘wise guy’ and ‘Home Alone’ thief, Joe Pesci and musicians Joe Jonas and Jospeh Simmons (aka DJ Run from Run DMC). You probably already know a lot of Josephs and Joes, and there’s a good reason for that: It’s a true classic.

17. David

David comes from Hebrew and means “beloved”. There are variants of David in over 30 languages with the name being popular in European, Latina American and English speaking countries

Iconic comedians (Dave Chappelle and David Letterman), musicians (David Crosby of CSNY, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews band ) and athletes (DAvid Beckham and David Ortiz) have all been named David. And let us not forget the name belonged to the late, great David Bowie, inarguably one of the most iconic musicians of all time. All time.

Many celebs have also named sons David such as Robert Redford, J.K. Rowling, Jennifer Hudson, Madonna, Ralph Lauren and Ray Charles. Talented people love naming their kids David.

16. Matthew

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Matthew is a name that remains in the upper echelon of baby name popularity year after year, decade after decade. The name means, “gift of God” in Hebrew. Matthew is popular in English speaking countrries but has many variants such as Mattias, Matthias and Mateo. Matt and Matty make great nicknames. It’s a very common name, but it hasn’t stopped stars like Matthew McConaughey from shining.

Our favorite Matthews include Mathew Broderick best known as ‘Ferris Bueller’; two of our best ‘Friends’ in Matthew Perry and Matt Leblanc; Matthew Lillard who voiced the beloved ‘Scooby Doo’; Matt Damon one of the best actors of the Gen X generation; NFL QBs Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan and Simpson creator the genius Matt Groenig.

15. Logan

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Logan has become one of those “cool kid” names like Carter and Jackson. While historically Logan has been all over the place in terms of popularity, it has gained ground as a popular name once again and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Also, Wolverine’s given name is Logan, and it doesn’t get much cooler than Wolverine.

14. Jayden

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Jayden is a new name that does not surface meaningfully until the late 1900s and is believed to be . The name rapidly grows in popularity after Will Smith and Jada Pinkett name their son Jadon, after his mother. Jayden is a contemporary spelling of Jaden.

If you love this name but are having a girl, Jade makes a great, close alternative.

13. Aidan

A spirited baby may be in the cards for you if you decide to name your son Aiden, derived from the Irish Aidan, meaning “fiery one.”

One of Carrie’s main love interests on Sex and the City had this name, and most people with taste were Team Aiden all along, so that is also something to consider.

12. Benjamin

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Slang for a $100 bill (holla!). If the name feels too formal for you, Ben is Benjamin’s more fun, unbuttoned little cousin. Benji also works as a great nickname. Famous Benjamins include Ben Affleck, Ben Stiller, Benji Madden, and Benjamin Bratt.

However, the best Benjamin of all time is Ben Franklin. Not only was he a founding father of the U.S and is credited with discovering electricity, but he also has one of the most profound quotes ever created, “Fish and visitors smell in 3 days.” Words to live by.

11. Daniel

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Daniel is Hebrew for ‘God is my judge’ and was an Old Testament prophet. Daniel hais popular in Enlgish and Spanish speaking countries as well Western Europe

If fearlessness is a trait you want your bouncing baby boy to have, the name Daniel may be the way to go. One of the most famouse Daniel’s, the American explorer, Daniel Boone was one of the first people to go west of the Appalachian mountains. Other famous Daniels include Daniel Craig who we love as James Bond, Daniel Day-Lewis, who is usually referred to as the best actor of his generation, one of the best quarterbacks of all time, Dan Marino and ‘Ghostbuster”/SNL alum, Dan Akroyd.

But our favorite Daniel will always be Daniel Radcliffe because he shaped a generation as ‘Harry Potter.’

10. Elijah

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Elijah comes from Hebrew for “the Lord is my God.” Elijah is an Old Testament prophet and miracle worker who lived in Northern Israel. The world recently lost one of its most impactful Elijah’s with the passing of Elijah Cummings the beloved U.S. congressman from Maryland and civil rights activist. Elijah Wood remains one of our favorite Elijahs and will always be best known as ‘Frodo” from Lord of the Rings fame.

And “Eli” is such a cute, easy nickname.

9. James

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James is the English version of Jacob, which is a Hebrew name meaning “to follow behind” or to “supplant”. James also happens to be one of the most popular boy’s names of all time in every English speaking country and comes in variations in over 40 languages. We all know a good James but our favorites are actors James Dean, James Mc Avoy, James Franco and Jim Carrey. We also love musicians Jimi Hendrix, James Taylor and Jim Morrison.. but no one embodies the sheer swagger of the name James than “Bond, James Bond” no matter who plays him!

8. Alexander

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Alexander comes from Greek meaning “defending men” and has been popular in the U.S. since the 1990s. The moniker Alexander has been given to a host of prolific men, from Alexander the Great to two kings of Scotland, three emperors of Russia, seven popes and the inventor of the olden-days iPhone, Alexander Graham Bell. However, our favorite recent Alexanders are of course Alexander Skarsgard, (he can turn us into a vampire any time) and the Tony award-winning musical ‘Hamilton’ based on our founding father Alexander Hamilton.

7. Michael

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A classic “evergreen” name, coming from Hebrew. It means ‘who is like God’, which as we all know is a rhetorical questions. Michael has always stood the test of time to steadfastly remain as a top boys’ name in Western Europe and English speaking countries.

There are too many famous Michaels and Mikes to count, but here are a few: Michael Jackson – the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Douglas, Michael Keaton, Michael J. Fox, Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, Michael B. Jordan, our favorite Wakandan villain, Michael Fassbender, who controls metal as ‘Magneto’ in X-Men and we certainly can’t forget Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin fame.

6. Ethan

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Originating from Hebrew, Ethan means “Strong”, “Long lived and “firm” It’s been a mega-popular name for boys in English speaking countries and Western Europe since the early 2000s. 

Famous Ethans include Ethan Allen an American Revolutionary General, Ethan Hawke, one of our favorite Gen X hotties, Ethan Hunt (AKA Tom Cruise), who always saves the world in ‘Mission Impossible’ movies and actor Ethan Embry.

5. William

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Perhaps no other name invokes literary thoughts as this one does. William Shakespeare first jumps to mind, as does poet William Blake, and contemporary authors William Faulkner and William S. Burroughs. If you want your son to become a writer, here’s his name. William is Germanic in origin derived from ‘will helm”, which is another version of “will protect”. It became popular in England in the 11th century and has variation in over 30 languages.

Our list of favorite Williams is long and distinguished! There’s Prince William, of course. You may have heard of him. But William Shatner who we all knows as Capt. James T Kirk. Who can forget William Wallace in Braveheart? Or outlaw Billy the Kid? All sorts of musicians are named William too! They cover every genre from country to rap – Willie Nelson, Billie Corgan, and Will.I.Am are some that come to mind.

4. Mason

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Mason was a straight-forward English surname or occupational name meaning “stoneworker.” Today, the name is a hit among parents in English speaking including celebs. Kourtney Kardashian has a son with the name.

Plus, with Mason jars still very on-trend, it makes sense that this name continues to be very popular.

3. Jacob

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Jacob is Hebrew in origin and means ‘to follow behind’ or to “supplant.” It’s a biblical name but in spite of its age, it’s as popular as ever. Jacob has a variant in nearly every language around the world, including in Africa and Asia. It started to become popular in the U.S. in the late 1990s, but is also common in Scandinavian and all English speaking countries.

Jake is the shorter version of Jacob, so between the two, you’ve got Jake Gyllenhaal, Jake LaMotta, a boxer, Jacob Tremblay, Jake Pavelka the former ‘Bachelor’ and country singer Jake Owen.

2. Liam

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Irish names are on an upward trend right now, and Liam is no exception since the early 2000s. While Liam began as a short version of William, it is now a formidable name of its own. William is derived from ‘will helm”, which is another version of “will protect”. Liam is obviously popular in English speaking countries but also Western Europe.

Our favorite Liams? There’s Liam Hemsworth, of course, but don’t forget Liam Gallagher, Liam Payne, and Liam Neeson!

1. Noah

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Noah is Hebrew and means “rest and “to comfort” and is derived from the Biblical Noah of Noah and the Ark. A version of the name Noah appears in no fewer than 20 languages and is very common in Western Europe and English speaking countries.

The name has been around practically forever but really took off in the mid-’90s (perhaps thanks to actor Noah Wyle in the massive hit TV show, ER). Our favorite Noah Wylie, Calhoun (AKA Ryan Gosseling in the ‘Notebook’, Noah Joad in ‘Grapes of Wrath’ and more recent heartthrob, Noah Centineo.

And those are the 50 most popular baby names of the decade! Which one is your favorite?

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Set your terms (sex of the baby, number of letters, popularity, etc.) and then get a list of names that meet your criteria. Maybe the perfect name is just waiting to be generated for you.

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