The 5 best high chairs for your growing baby

The 5 Best High Chairs For Your Growing Baby

When it comes to choosing a highchair, there’s actually more to consider than you might think at first glance. First: how much space do you have? Do you want a highchair that stands by itself or do you want a chair that sits on top of a regular dining chair? Second: Do you need a chair that’s portable? Third: How old is your child? Do you need a full seat with a chest harness and a tray or will you be OK with a booster seat?

Also: consider how much extra cleaning you want in your life. We’re guessing your answer is “none”, so you’ll want to look for chairs with covers that are easily thrown in the wash or chairs without covers that wipe down easily without too many nooks and crannies.

Once you’ve thought through these questions, you’re ready to shop! Here, we round up 5 of the best high chairs across all of these scenarios. And before you click “buy”, be sure to add a splat mat to your cart because toddlers aren’t exactly the world’s neatest eaters.

Our picks for the best high chairs:

The High Chair That Does Everything

If you’re looking to be one and done, then look no further than the Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair ($112.74 on Amazon). This chair will see you through from first foods to no longer needing a high chair. As the name implies, the high chair has six different height settings and positions — you can use it as a standard high chair, you can take the chair part off and put it on a regular dining chair or you can convert the high chair into a booster and eventually move the booster to a regular chair. You can even seat two kids simultaneously, which frankly, is genius for any parent of two young kids who hates the thought of having to buy a second high chair.

The High Chair That Goes Where You Go

If portability is key, or you need a second chair to keep at a family member’s house, check out the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat ($27.99 on Amazon). You have the option to use it with a tray (good for younger kids) or transform into a booster. (No height adjustments or recline feature.) It also packs up into its own little traveling unit complete with a shoulder strap, making it easy for restaurant visits or park trips. One thing to watch: if you have a child who’s big for his or her age, you may find the seat with the tray becomes too tight more quickly than you’re ready to transition to a booster.

The High Chair That Wipes Clean

For ease of clean up, you can’t beat the OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat ($39.99 on Amazon). Think old fashioned restaurant diner chair — you can literally take a wet cloth and with one wipe it’s clean. Because this is a true booster seat, unlike other high chairs on this list, this is meant for kids 15 months and up. It does not come with a tray — your kiddo sits at the table — but it does have a 3-point harness that can be removed as your child grows.

The Space-Saving High Chair

If space is a concern but you have a young baby who still needs the safety of a true high chair, you’ll want to consider the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair ($49.99 on Amazon). It has everything you need in a high chair — dual height adjustments, reclining seat, dishwasher safe tray — all in a nice compact, sits-on-top-of-your-dinning-chair, package. Plus the cloth cover comes off for easy washing.

The “Doesn’t Look Like a High Chair” High Chair

If you’re after something a bit more aesthetically pleasing, look no further than the classic wooden Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair ($259 on Amazon). Its price point is far above the others on this list, but you get a high chair that blends more seamlessly into your dinning room or kitchen. (It comes in 13 different colors.) Because of the way the Stokke is configured without a tray, it also allows you to pull your child up to the table while still ensuring your child is safely restrained.

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