TikTok Mom Goes Viral For ‘Invisible Baby Gate’ Hack

A mom is going viral for her TikTok hack where she shared how difficult it can be to keep her energetic toddler safe while she is by the stove.

And it’s a pretty genius set up…

@tweetn Painter’s tape power is still going strong! Can’t say it’ll work on all kids but worth a try ????@kasualwear @jeffkwong0#parentinghacks#fyp #edisonpie ♬ Run Free (Original Mix) – Deep Chills & Deep Chills

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The solution is not only cheap but super easy.

“Who needs a gate when you have painter’s tape?” the mother asks in her video caption. “Try this with your little ones.”

In the clip, the mom stands at the stove in her kitchen with her back turned to her toddler son. However, as the clever mom has “roped off” the section around her using a thick strip of blue painter’s tape, her son keeps his distance.

She calls it her “invisible baby gate,” and clearly, it works.

And then after telling her son that a “danger zone” exists beyond the blue line, she goes on to share how he is not allowed to cross it, even if his mom is on the other side of it.

@tweetn @kasualwear #parentinghacks#parentingtips ♬ Oh No No No – Music Falcon

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Amazingly enough, the little boy listens and Thuy impressively shows off just how the “invisible baby gate” has worked for her.

And while there were moments where her son began to cry or need help, but after she set clear boundaries about crossing the “danger” line, the little boy instead asks help from his dad.

Thuy first posted about her “hack” in December 2021. Since then, her TikTok has racked up more than 5.2 million views and gained countless comments from parents around the world.

@tweetn Danger zone in the kitchen. Proud Auntie! #EdisonPie#painterstape @kasualwear ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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One user wrote: “I did this as a preschool director for teacher areas in the classroom. it works for some and some will look at you and laugh while they cross it.”

While another commented: “What sensible simple idea no shouting telling off just don’t cross this line, some people could learn from this.”

This followed by: “This really works we’d used this method about 7/8 years ago to mark how far back the children can seat in front of the TV.”

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