Toddler Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria During Day at the Beach

Summer is a time to sit back and relax on the beach. Unfortunately, though, summer can sometimes be downright scary. There has recently been a slew of shark attacks and, most recently, a toddler was diagnosed with a a flesh-eating bacteria after a family spent time in Ocean City, Maryland. 

Britney Carey’s son was enjoying a day trip to the popular summer tourist destination Sinepuxent Bay near Ocean City only to discover he had picked up a flesh-eating bacteria from the water the following day. Carey shared a detailed warning via Facebook to anyone planning to go to the area.  The post has since been deleted or made private.

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She shared that her son came back from a trip to the bay with his grandparents and had “little spots developing all over his body.” By the next day, the spots had grown to open wounds. 

“I had thought he was scratching them, making them worse. Only to find when I picked him up Tuesday they were a lot bigger and a lot more,” she shared. She took her son to the doctor where he was prescribed antibiotics, but unfortunately taking the medication made it worse. 

About Vibrio, the Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Carey finally brought her son to the hospital. After tests, they found out he had “Vibrio, a bacteria found in the bay and also in raw seafood.” 

Vibrio is a bacterial infection you can get from eating raw seafood, like oysters, or by exposing a cut in salt water or brackish water. While it is typically curable, about 100 people die in the U.S. from vibrio each year. Symptoms include diarrhea, stomach pains, vomiting, fever, nausea, and chills.

Carey shared an update to her initial post, noting that her son is recovering. 

“Please be careful out there guys and if you start seeing wounds such as these please get somewhere fast!,” she said.
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