Tori Spelling Opens Up About the ‘Terrifying’ Illness That Landed Her Daughter in the Emergency Room

Several days after it was revealed that her daughter spent some time inside a local emergency room department, Tori Spelling is opening up more about her daughter, Stella’s sudden illness.

In a statement shared to her Instagram Story, Spelling revealed that her daughter was diagnosed with a form of a migraine that presents symptoms similar to a stroke. She called the situation “terrifying.”

“I wanted to thank everyone for all the well wishes for Stella. She is home and feeling much better. At the ER she was diagnosed with a Hemiplegic Migraine. It’s a condition that affects one side of the body. Signs of a hemiplegic migraine attack are similar to what would be present in a stroke that typically includes sudden severe headache on one side of the brain, weakness, numbness on one half the body.”

Tori Spelling Opens Up About the 'Terrifying' Illness That Landed Her Daughter in the Emergency Room | Tori Spelling was hoping for a hospital-free start to 2023, but it has been the exact opposite as yet another one of her children ended up in the hospital.

Tori continued, writing, “It can be terrifying if you don’t know what’s happening or about this type of Migraine. As a migraine sufferer my entire life I had no idea about this. Grateful to everyone at the ER. They were amazing and took great loving care of her.”

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Tori Spelling was hoping to have a positive and hospital-free start to the new year, but it has been the exact opposite as yet another one of her children ended up in the hospital with an unknown sickness. This time, it was her 14-year-old daughter, Stella Doreen – who she shares with actor Dean McDermott.

Spelling took to her Instagram Story to share a photo of Stella laying down in a hospital bed and hooked up to a series of wires – she was also wearing a hospital gown and face mask. “The hits just keep coming,” she wrote alongside the photo, adding a crying emoji. She didn’t clarify what her daughter had.

Stella was born on June 9, 2008, and is the second-oldest child of Tori Spelling. She married Dean in 2006 and the couple shares 5 children together, including three sons (Beau, Finn, and Liam) and two daughters (Hattie and, of course, Stella). Tori is also a stepmother to Dean’s son, Jack, from a previous marriage.

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Her daughter’s hospitalization comes one month after she shared a photo of her youngest son, Beau, wearing his hat backward and throwing up the ‘rock on’ sign with his two fingers. Alongside the photo, she revealed her ‘poor guy’ was dealing with a sickness for several weeks before getting sick again.

“Poor guy was out 3 weeks sick from school. Finally got him well and back in school all last week and boom now sick again! High fevers, [vomiting], and so stuffy,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. She proceeded to ask if any other parents were experiencing anything similar, likening it to ‘groundhogs day.’

The 49-year-old later revealed that she was at the doctor with ‘3 sickies, I mean kiddos – sharing a photo of Liam, Finn, and Beau all wearing face masks during a trip to the pharmacy. She joked that she was moving into the pharmacy when the pharmacist started to recognize her family upon walking inside. 

It was certainly a tough string of events for her children – a string of events that is only continuing with her eldest daughter. While she hasn’t posted an update or revealed what her daughter is going through, we can only hope her daughter recovers quickly and is back home with her family as soon as possible. 

Tori Spelling Even Found Herself in the Hospital at One Point

One of the few things every family should hope for – especially during the holiday season – is good health. Unfortunately, that’s not what Tori Spelling and her family were blessed with this holiday season. While they steered free of anything major, ‘the hits just keep coming’ – to take Spelling’s words for it. 

In fact, her children weren’t the only ones to find themselves in a hospital this past holiday season. Just a few days before Christmas, she shared a photo of herself in a hospital gown and hospital bed on her Instagram Story. In her update to her followers, she also had a message for all those that doubted her.

“Here I am in [the] hospital since late last night. To all of you who gas lit me when you were told I [was] too sick to work, well here I am. How about next time [you] take someone at face value and show kindness instead of doubtfulness,” she wrote on her Instagram Story – referring to her previous health concerns. 

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“Remember, for people like me, NOT working is a nightmare. I’m a hustler and a workaholic. I always choose work,” she continued – adding she was experiencing dizziness, difficulty breathing, and high blood pressure. They took a ‘battery of tests’ and while she never posted an update, she seems okay now.

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