Tori Spelling Shares Crude Messages a Realtor Sent Her About Her Family’s Recent Health Issues

Tori Spelling is doing whatever she can to keep herself and her children out of harm’s way after learning of an aggressive mold infestation in her home – which has plagued her family with sickness for nearly three years. Unfortunately, some people are finding her family’s crisis ‘amusing’ and mocking her for it. 

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star – who turned 50 years old on May 16 – took to her Instagram Story on Friday (July 21) to share a screenshot of a conversation she had with Robert Vinson, a local realtor. She was looking for a one-month rental home so her family didn’t have to live in the mold-infested home. 

While Vinson got back to her, it appears Spelling didn’t reply right away – leading to an exchange that left Tori flabbergasted. Vinson eventually wrote back, “The latest bizarre inquiry,” and a confused Spelling responded, “I’m sorry? I’m assuming that wasn’t meant for me.” The confusion grew worse from there.

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“It is more for Karen. Tori Spelling has been asking for a 1 month rental. If you follow her situation on TMZ it is all amusing,” Robert Vinson responded – not realizing he was speaking to Tori. “This is Tory Spelling. Wow! Human empathy and kindness prevails. Kids in crisis is amusing,” the reality TV star wrote back. 

Spelling went on to publicly denounce Vinson’s comments on her Instagram Story – noting that he has children of his own. “I guess I hold out too much hope that people lead with kindness. Shame on you Robert Vinson,” she wrote in a text overlay – tagging his Instagram, which has since been taken down.

“My 5 kids are going through Mold poisoning and we need a home and this is how you treat people? Mocking their situation?” she concluded on her Story. It’s not a good look for someone who’s supposed to be a professional at all times – especially when a mother is desperately searching for a temporary home.

Her and her children have been in and out of the hospital for several years as a result of mold poisoning, so her concern and need for help is real. Some sources close to the situation claimed she was staying at a motel that charged $100 per night before receiving help from a friend as she ponders her next move. 

Robert Vinson Thought Someone Was Impersonating Tori Spelling 

In an exclusive statement obtained by Page Six, Robert Vinson shared his side of the story and attempted to defend his comments by claiming he thought her inquiry was a scam by someone impersonating to be Tori Spelling. He allegedly asked her to confirm her identity, but never received a response back from her.

“Celebrity impersonation is rabid in Hollywood. As a real estate broker, I have a fiduciary responsibility to be certain of the identity of the person we are dealing with,” he explained – adding that he’s now being publicly ridiculed and shamed for his ‘due diligence,’ though he admits he could’ve handled it better. 

He also admitted to sending an apologetic text message after Tori posted the exchange on social media – by then, he had already been ‘bombarded with vulgar messages from her followers.’ In the message, he acknowledged being raised by a single mother and that he understands the struggle she’s going through.

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Nonetheless, many people continued to ridicule the realtor for his handling of the situation – with some users telling him to double-confirm who he’s sending a message to before he criticizes or mocks them. Robert Vinson has since removed his Instagram account (at least temporarily) in wake of the attention.

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