Two-Year-Old Fought Mom About Going to Daycare. That’s When She Realized He Was Being Abused

A Texas mother sensed something was wrong when she noticed odd bruises on her 2-year-old son. But alarm bells went off when she saw his reaction to being dropped off at daycare.

WOAI reports that the daycare owner ran it from her home, and cared for five to six children. The mom, whose name was not revealed to protect the family’s privacy, said that she had just started sending her son there last week.

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One day, the owner sent the mom a few videos of the steps on her porch that appeared to be broken.

According to the mom, the woman told her:

“…that somehow this board had come off of her porch step and he fell, or the board hit him.”

When her son came home from the daycare that day, his mom was changing his diaper when she saw large purple bruises on his backside.

The mom said:

“That’s whenever I saw this bruise and I kind of freaked out.”

The next day, the mom tried to drop her son off at the daycare, but her son “lost it.”

She explained:

“He fought me in the car seat when I was trying to get him out. He was terrified to go in there.”

Rather than try to force him to go, she followed her instincts and took her son to the emergency room instead — and was told right away that it was too severe to be from a fall.

The mom said:

“They literally pulled his pants down — two seconds later, said ‘that’s not a fall.'”

Now, she’s hoping to get answers. On Thursday, the mom filed a police report and called child protective services (CPS). Both CPS and the police are actively investigating what happened at the daycare. As she said:

“I never expected for my son to have to go through something like this.”

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