10 Brilliant Unschooling Ideas To Consider While We All Struggle with Formal Learning During the Pandemic

As we’re approaching a back-to-school season like none other, many parents are looking for non-traditional ways to educate their kiddos. Enter unschooling.

What Is Unschooling?

What Is Unschooling?

Based on the belief that children thrive when they are able to explore their interests without educational institutions determining what and how they should learn, unschooling is gaining popularity amongst parents. In short, it is a more informal style of learning in which the “student” (your child or children) and their interests dictate the means and methods of learning.

We searched the internet to find inspiration for children doing real things in their homes and organically learning in the process. Whether or not unschooling is right for you and your child, there are creative ideas that everyone can bring into their homes to enrich their experiences.

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10 Great Unschooling Ideas You’ll Be Inspired By

Math for Breakfast

What is sweeter than a fruit math lesson? We’re feeling inspired by this organic approach to learning.

Word Search

If your little one is expressing interest in reading, consider this genius hack and encourage them to track the words that they recognize in their favorite books.

Nature Journaling

We can all benefit from quiet time in nature, so encourage your little one to get still and journal as a part of your unschooling day.

Muddy Magic

There is nothing more entertaining to a child than getting deep in a muddy mess. We applaud this mama’s muddy learning quest.

Making Their Mark

If a handwriting lesson feels a little too dull, take the learning outside and add chalk.

Artistic Unschooling

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As home educators you’d expect us to be ready for educating at home during the pandemic. In reality though, that really wasn’t the case! See for us, there’s not really much ‘home’ in ‘home educating’. It’s about going out, being in the community, learning hands on outside and being very social. Then just like that, BAM. The pandemic took it all away from us. As I watched a newsfeed of school parents scrambling for support, I sat at home and wanted to scream us too! We’re in a routine now and although this ‘normality’ isn’t one we want to keep, I am very grateful for the resources I already had to hand and as I think about those parents that are choosing to home educate next year I wanted to share just a few of the wonderful resources (most are on sale now!) that have been a gift to our family. For @raisinglittleshoots the best nature curriculum, a calm and wonderful curriculum that’s a great place to start out home educating if you feel totally lost. For @blossomandroot an amazing in-depth science curriculum and wonderful language art ideas. For @twinklresources when I grab and print worksheets as we’re sitting at the table ready to go! . #homeeducation #homeschooling #charlottemason #homeschoollife #learningathome #homeschoolers #unschoolinglife #homeschooler #homeschool #homeschooled #homeschoolkids #howwehomeschool #roadschool #homeed #wherelearningmeetsplay #learning #learningisfun #learnthroughplay #unschool #homeschoolmom #schoolsoutforsummer

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This unschooling mama has excellent resources for an artistic day out in nature.

Butterfly Garden

Kiddos will love learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly by raising their very own.

Sensory Table Time

We love the simplicity of this water and ice sensory table. “Only a few minutes to put together, but then provides a whole morning of fun,” shares this unschooling parent.

Let Them Be Wild

“Let them be wild and little for as long as they can.” We couldn’t possibly agree more.

Always Learning

It’s nice to have reminders like this one that educating your child doesn’t always go as you thought it would. Lower those expectations and take the pressure off, parents.

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