Video Shows Florida Cop Saving Little Girl Who Was Trapped In a Hot Car For 12 Hours

Video Shows Florida Cop Saving Little Girl Who Was Trapped In a Hot Car For 12 Hours

After a mom called 911 to reported her car stolen, she also mentioned that her daughter was still inside the car at the time it was hijacked. Quickly, Seminole police officers sprang into action.

While searching for the mom’s stolen vehicle, Deputy Bill Dunn happened to stumble upon the vehicle. When he looked inside the hot car, he found the woman’s 3-year-old daughter still inside “limp and sweaty.”

Dunn said when he opened the car door he could feel the extreme heat from inside the car rush out at him. As it turns out, the mom’s car hadn’t been stolen. The young girl was left inside the hot car for over 12 hours.

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After retrieving the little girl, Dunn sprang into action. The camera attached to his squad car captured his heroic actions. Dunn admitted that when he grabbed the child from the car, he was sure she wasn’t going to survive.

She didn’t have a pulse.

Despite having his doubts, the footage captured Dunn constantly telling the unconscious child that she was going to be okay. He kept his hand over her heart. Soon after, the little girl was put into the care of doctors and nurses at a local emergency room.

And after his adrenaline wore off, Dunn had to take a minute to compose himself. The child’s mother was later arrested and charged with “child neglect with great bodily harm.”

Three days after the little girl was rescued from the car, Dunn had a chance to meet the little girl. You can watch his heroic actions and their reunion below.

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