Exhausted Parents Everywhere Rejoice! Here’s a Viral Baby Carrier Hack You’ll Love

Being a parent is a blessing; an exhausting blessing. We all have our little tricks to get our children to cooperate and sometimes all that’s needed is a little creativity. Sheena Turner, a supermom, and creative parenting expert came up with a genius mom hack to get her little girl to sleep. After posting pictures of her sleeping child in a carrier suspended by a couch cushion, the internet collectively applauded.

mom hacks baby carrier
Sheena Turner / Facebook

The mom hack popped into Turner’s mind after she had been carrying her daughter, 8-month-old Kelani Chanel in a baby carrier for over an hour. “I had her in the carrier for about an hour and wanted to prepare lunch,” Turner said, “so I thought Something’s got to give.”

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mom hack baby carrier
Sheena Turner / Facebook

Kelani loves to sleep in the carrier and some days it’s the only way to calm her. Instead of waking Kelani, Turner thought it would be best to figure out a way to suspend the carrier. Turner looked around, trying to find something to hold her sleeping baby. “I scanned the house and I saw the chairs at the bar, but they were too tall and not safe,” she says. “So I scanned the room and noticed the sofa had a center piece. My mind started twirling and I said, ‘Hey, that could work!'”

baby carrier hack sleeping baby
Sheena Turner / Facebook

Turner went on to carefully strap the baby carrier to the sofa. Perhaps by divine intervention, Kelani stayed fast asleep. Little did the baby know, she was no longer strapped to mom, she was resting against a couch cushion. Kelani slept for over two hours before waking up. Turner says, “She gave me the craziest look,” before falling back asleep in the carrier.

“So spoiled,” Turner joked in the caption of a Facebook photo she posted, “[She] wants me to sit and hold her, but I’m smarter than that.”

The mom hack went viral with thousands liking the photo of sleeping Kelani. It’s not easy to catch a break with kids, and most recognized Turner’s brilliance in finding one for herself.

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