Weather-Inspired Baby Names Are Heating Up: See the Stormy Appellations Poised to Take Hold in 2024

As the winds of change blow, expectant parents look to the skies for inspiration. From the gentle drizzle to the roaring thunderstorm, weather events are becoming the latest trend in baby names. The forecast for 2024 predicts a surge in atmospheric appellations that celebrate Mother Nature’s power, beauty, and unpredictability.

This isn’t just a passing shower; it’s a full-blown cyclone of creativity! Parents are trading traditional monikers for names that mirror the majesty and mystery of the elements. Whether it’s the soft whisper of Breeze, Blaze’s fiery allure, or Storm’s electrifying charge, weather-inspired baby names are set to make a big splash in 2024. Discover the best options for your baby.


Weather baby names

Aira is a feminine variant of Air or an appellation of Armenian origin, meaning “king.” This weather-inspired name floats on air and has a carefree sound to it. Aira is rising today as parents turn to it as an alternative to the popular Aria.


Weather baby names

We have Kylie Jenner to thank for making the name Aire trendy. She originally named her son Wolf, but almost a year after his birth, she had a change of heart about the name. She chose Aire instead. Aire is an elaboration of Air, and it sounds so good.


Weather baby names

Azure is a gender-neutral, weather-inspired baby name that goes equally to girls and boys in the US. It comes from French and means “sky blue.”


Weather baby names

Blaze was initially used as a spelling variant of the French appellation Blaise. Today, it is considered an English word name. It’s been on fire for baby boys for the last two decades, but it should also be considered for baby girls as well.


Weather baby names

Breeze is a gentle word name that can go to girls and boys. This weather-inspired appellation also works exceptionally well as a middle name choice.


Weather baby names

If you like the idea of Breeze but want something more feminine, go with Brisa. Brisa is a Spanish name that means “breeze.” Long popular in the Latino community, Brisa has ranked in the US top 500 most popular names for girls but has slipped a touch in recent years. We expect this one to return.


Weather baby names

Move over, Celeste. Celestial is the new name on the block. This weather name comes from a Latin root that means “of the heavens.”


Weather baby names

Cielo is a girl’s and a boy’s name that means “sky.” For Spanish speakers, the name is said see-E-lo, and for Italians, it’s chee-EL-oh. The name ranked in the top 1000 for girls for the first time last year. We expect it to continue to climb.


Weather baby names

Ice, ice, baby. Ice is a unisex name on the rise. If you are expecting a winter baby, Ice is twice as nice. For girls, parents are also turning to Icelynn, a trending modern invention.


Weather baby names

Itzel is a name for girls from Mayan mythology that means “rainbow lady.” The name has been a hit among Spanish-speaking families in the US since 1993. It’s a real winner.


Weather baby names

One of the fastest-rising names for girls in the US, Keilani ranked number 632 last year. The name is of Hawaiian origin and means “sky,” “heavens,” and “glorious leader.”


Weather baby names

Baby name expert Pamela Redmond from Nameberry expects Lighting to take off in the next few years. This weather name might strike your heart. We like this name for girls and boys, but it has gone to more boys than girls thus far.


Weather baby names

Names of Spanish origin have been popular in the US for centuries. Today, they are more popular than ever before. Lluvia, pronounced YOO-vee-a, is no exception. Ninety baby girls got the name last year, and it’s only going up from here. This appellation means “rain.”


Weather baby names

And the award for the cutest name on this list goes to… Well, we will let you decide, but we really love Lumi. Pronounced LOO-mee, Lumi comes from a Finnish root that means “snow.” A perfect weather name for a winter baby! The name is on the rise in the US, but it’s a top-fifty pick in Finland.

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Weather baby names

The state of Nevada gets its name from its snowcapped mountains. Nevada comes from a Spanish root that means “covered in snow.” As a given name, Nevada was a hit a century ago, and it is primed for a comeback today.


Weather baby names

Another Hawaiian weather name to make the list, Noelani, means “heavenly mist.” Isn’t that poetic? The name is gaining traction but has yet to rank in the top 1000. You can help change that!


Weather baby names

While some weather-inspired names are subtle, Rain is not. This unisex option is trending but has yet to land in the top 1000. Rain is very agreeable, making it an ideal choice for a middle name.


Weather baby names

Sol is a unisex name of Spanish and Latin origin that means “sun.” It was an epithet of Apollo, the sun god in ancient times, and later became associated with María del Sol and María de la Soledad. For boys, this name was last popular before the 1930s. For girls, it landed in the top 1000 for the first time last year. Sol indeed means “sun.”


Weather baby names

Solana is a Spanish name for girls that means “sunshine.” Though well-known, this weather name has yet to take hold. Fun fact: Solana Rowe is the birth name of SZA.


Weather baby names

Soleil is a name of French origin that sometimes messes up English speakers. To nail the pronunciation, say so-LAY. Soleil is an appellation for girls that means “sun.” It ranked in the top 1000 for the first time in 2021 and is climbing.


Weather baby names

You have likely seen the girl name Marisol before, but its forgotten cousin, Solimar, is just as beautiful. Solimar is of Spanish origin and means “sun and sea.”


Weather baby names

Sky is a gender-neutral baby name that is going to more girls than boys. It has ranked in the top 1000 for little ladies since 1999. The Skye spelling has become trendy for girls.


Weather baby names

If Lumi felt too exotic for you, cut right to the chase with the appellation Snow. Snow is twelve times more popular for girls than boys but has yet to land in the top 1000. Snow is much more popular as a middle name than a first one. Snow is one of the best weather names for winter babies.


Weather baby names

Storm is a unisex name that once had a moment for baby boys born between 1991 and 1997. Thanks to the beloved comic book character from X-Men this name should be considered for baby girls as well.


Weather baby names

Kylie Jenner has a thing for weather names. She chose the name Stormi for her daughter, born in 2018. By 2020, the name was a trendy one for girls, ranking in the top 1000.


Weather baby names

Sunny was long used as a nickname for “son” for boys. Now, it is a climbing name for girls and does not even rank for baby boys. Expect this name to enter the top 500 for girls this year. For a twist, try the Scandinavian name Sunniva, meaning “sun’s gift.”


Weather baby names

You can get all Shakespearean with it by choosing the name Tempest. This unisex name of English origin means “stormy.” Sadly, this rocking name has never been a popular choice for babies born in the US.


Weather baby names

Sure, you could use the name Thunder, but we prefer the Norse name Thor. It means “thunder.” The Norse god inspired many parents in the 1960s and ’70s, but it is no longer a popular choice. We expect this to change very soon.


Weather baby names

Zephyr is a name of Greek origin, meaning “west wind.” Zephyr and Zephyrus were the embodiment of the winds of change in antiquity. Zephyr is unisex, but it is going to more girls than boys today.

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Weather baby names

We think of Zora as a hero name that celebrates  Zora Neale Hurston, a leader and writer during the Harlem Renaissance. Zora is a multicultural name found in Arabic, Serbo-Croatian, and many African languages. For our purposes, we will take the Serbo-Croatian meaning, “dawn.”

As we weather the storm of trends coming our way, it’s clear that weather-inspired baby names are not just a flash in the pan. They encapsulate a sense of wonder, strength, and connection to the natural world, both timeless and profoundly personal. So, whether you’re expecting a little Snow, Rain, or Sunny in 2024, remember that each name carries its own unique forecast of love, promise, and infinite potential. Here’s to celebrating the beauty of nature and the joy of new beginnings – one name at a time.

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