25 Absolutely Beautiful and Wild Makeup Looks We’re Too Scared to Try

Makeup is so intimidating if you’re not really into it. There are so many products, techniques, colors, and tools to consider. The makeup industry is valued at $532 billion worldwide and is expected to continue to grow exponentially this year alone. Because of the popularity of social media and platforms like Instagram, makeup has become more popular than ever. There are influencers raking in millions of dollars doing makeup tutorials and other how-to style videos. Professional makeup artists have also seen a growing demand for their skills. Many are capitalizing on it by posting mind-blowing selfies showcasing their talent. Some people are really good at their makeup and its something that takes time and practice to get really good at. We have no time. We have not practiced and we’re utterly terrified to try many of the makeup trends that are popular today. With our shaky hands and uneven skin tone, we bring you 25 makeup looks we’re too scared to try.

This Metallic Eye Effect

This glittery metallic eye looks absolutely dazzling. If we tried this, it would look like our toddler took metallic markers to the face in a fit of rage. We’ll leave this shimmering look to the professionals.

This Bedazzled Eye

How did she get those stones to line up so symmetrically? The different tones of purple look insanely good. We’d end up looking like a martian if we gave this a try.

Any of These Sunset-Inspired Colors

We’re terrified of color so this here is a freaking nightmare. This photo looks so good it would easily fit on the page of a fashion magazine. The highlighter game is strong here and if we tried it we know we’d look like a clown that just got in from the rain.

This Brow

Bold brows are hot. We’re into them. This makeup artist looks stunning with the intense eyebrow shading. We, no doubt, would end up with a unibrow or looking like Groucho Marx.

These Lashes

Have you ever seen a more stunning eye? We think this look is so effective because of the extra-long eyelashes. We are too scared to try this because they would end up weighing our lids down and we’d look sleepy (sleepier) all day.

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These Spring Colors

No, this is not a Green Bay Packers-inspired eye. This makeup artist said she was excited for Spring so she let the season inform her color choices. We’re scared this will make us look like a lizard or can of Sprite.

These Lids

The dark colors on these lids are so calming. Midnight blue and burgundy go so well together. We’d look like we got punched in the nose with this look.

This Patterned Look

This artist has incorporated a micro pattern onto her eyelid. This is such a fun look that our misguided hands would inevitably screw up beyond repair.


Color is not our friend. This brilliant neon eye look looks so good on her eyes. We would walk away looking like Cruella De Vil if we tried to pull this off.

This Ochre Swoop

These eyelids look beautiful in gold and earth tones underneath a jet black brow. The makeup looks so perfect and if we tried this it would be a disaster.

All of This

There’s a makeup and fashion trend that’s called “candy goth,” and we think this is an example of that. We’re neither goth nor sweet so we don’t know if this look would jive. Can you say, cotton candy?

This Desert-Inspired Eye

How do these makeup artists achieve this gold leaf look? We are in awe. Awe! This artist said she was inspired by the desert and the setting sun. If we tried this it would look like we just rubbed sand on our eyes.

This Supernova

Any small thing that needs to be pressed on: gems, stickers, tiny objects, in general, are not our friends. This makeup artist has applied teeny tiny little stars to create a starburst around her eye. We calculate that exactly 33 stars would end up in the eyes if we gave this a go.

Any Candy Goth Look

We can tell you with confidence that this look is, indeed, a “candy goth” one. She looks amazing. We would look like a drag queen. Actually, that’s offensive to drag queens. We would look like a Powerpuff girl who’s aged poorly.

Lip Liner In General

Is there a secret to finding the “line” that’s the lip line? How do people make lip liner look good like this? If we could figure out how to do this lip, we’d be truly doomed trying to recreate the eye.

These Contrasting Colors

This dramatic contrast between red and blue looks so appealing. Those colors balance each other so well in the eye and that ruby red lip does look amazing. We would 100% look like Pennywise the clown.

Any Sort of Herbage

Things that get put around the eye end up in the eye and this makeup artist is asking for conjunctivitis. Does this take our breath away? Yes, it’s so romantic. Would we try it? No, it would look like a teabag exploded on our face. Keep stuff away from your eyes, people.

This Much Pink

Okay. There’s a lot of pink happening here and we’d venture to guess that this would be a Friday night, party look. This woman looks gorgeous. We would look like we were having an allergic reaction.

This Gradient

How is this even real? The color blending and shading is surreal! Our brushes would unionize and stage a protest if we even thought about trying this.

This Angular Look

This makeup enthusiast was inspired by the angular patterns of the 1980s. This soft look is so thrilling. It gives us anxiety just thinking about it.

Anything That Looks Like Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank stickers and school supplies were a right of passage for many young people. These eyes look like they came straight off a trapper keeper. If we tried this eye, we would look like a My Little Pony character.

Glitter Dessert

Oh yeah, we’d accidentally eat all that glitter. That glitter is getting stuck to everything. Most concerning would be the teeth. We’re scared to rock a red-glitter-teeth smile.

This Much Drama

This look was created to intimidate us. There’s so much of this we’d never pull off. She looks like a painted goddess and we’d look, well, just painted.

Any Green

Through a lot of trial and mostly error, we know better than to mess with green. The negative space directly over the eye is a unique touch. It pleasantly reminds of a peacock feather. It also reminds us of our cosmetic shortcomings. We’re green with envy.

This Monochromatic Look

Not in a million years! This purple on purple makeup look is serving grape realness. Pretty certain we’d look like a frumpy smurf if we tried this.

Makeup artists and enthusiasts really know their way around a finishing brush. They can deliver jaw-dropping looks with such precision that they look surreal. We don’t know how they are so successful at applying cosmetics, but we’ll keep on earnestly watching makeup tutorials to understand their magic ways. As you can see, makeup is truly transformative (for your face at least) and it can be used in so many creative ways. Be brave people! You got this! We do not.

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