woman gifts dad dna kit, discovers he's not her father

Woman Gifts Dad DNA Kit For Christmas, Discovers He Is Not Her Biological Father

When Cat McDonald received a genetic testing kit for Christmas, she had no idea that her results would tell her that the man who she thought was her dad for over 20 years — was not her biological father.

In the clip, she admitted the story all took place a year ago just after Christmas 2019. But when she saw a fellow TikToker ask if anyone had uncovered a family secret though an ancestry DNA kit, she decided to share the tea — as the kids say.

woman gifts dad dna kit, discovers he's not her father
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“Okay, I’ve got a story for you,” she said with a laugh, before taking a big swig of wine.

“My dad came up with the brilliant idea of giving the entire family ancestry DNA kits last year for Christmas … “

For most of her life, she had identified as Irish-American. Along with her last name being McDonald and her hair being “bright f—ing red,” her family lineage — as she was told — had originated from Ireland. But her results told her a different story….


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She discovered she was 75% Norwegian along with German and British and uh, no Irish. And Ironically, McDonald learned this news on St. Patrick’s Day. She then decided to call up her dad and break the news, believing it would make him laugh.

“Guess what?” she told him. “I’m not Irish! He called me up at 10 o’clock, which we all know is 3 am in Dad Time,” McDonald continued.

But he was aghast and pressed her, saying: “There’s no way you’re not Irish!” For good measure, McDonald logged into her online account to double check her results.

She was looking for any more information she could get on her DNA profile and it wasn’t long before McDonald was led to the truth.

woman gifts dad dna kit, discovers he's not her father
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“I had an exact paternal match!” McDonald recalled. “It just wasn’t him.”

The video has been viewed over a million times and has since garnered an overwhelming amount of traction.

McDonald then followed up with a Part 2 video just two days later, where she detailed the rest of her epic story.

“Sorry for the delay guys,” she began. “I didn’t know I had to post a sequel to my life’s drama, but since we’re here … let’s f—ing go!”


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McDonald went on to reveal how she immediately confronted her her mom and two aunts about the alarming news.

“Everyone, including my mother, was f—ing shook,” she recalled.

The ancestry website had even matched McDonald to a person who looked VERY familiar to her mom, dad, and even her aunts — and someone who was described as “an old family friend.”

The story doesn’t end there…after some online sleuthing, she discovered her biological father is a billionaire and CEO of a major company.

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“Naturally, like the unstable millennial that I am, I drove halfway across the country to his corporate office!” she admitted.

McDonald wrote the man a letter — which she attempted to deliver in person. But he apparently did not take it.

“Basically, all it said was ‘Thank you, because I’m really happy to be alive,'” McDonald shared.

“As someone whose genealogy literally exudes privilege,” McDonald continued, “I do want to say that I am very grateful for the life that my parents have provided me.

“However,” she admitted, “I smell bulls—.”

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