Mom Forgets She Had a Third Child While on Anesthesia and Then Starts to Believe Her Husband Kidnapped Them

When it comes to waking up from anesthesia, there is really no telling how a person will react. Will they be loopy? Will they be emotional? Will they be fine? Will the mom forget they gave birth to their three children? There truly is no telling until it happens.

Well, for one mom, she admitted that her kids are now going to be scarred for life thanks to how she reacted while coming off of the anesthesia she was under for a dental procedure. In a video shared via TIkTok, a mom named Candace was driving home from the dentist with her husband in the driver’s seat and her three children in the back.


Forgot I birthed a entire child and legit thought my husband was a kidnapper. ##omg ##dentist ##toothpullout ##momsoftiktok ##fyp ###ProveWhatsPossible

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Mom Forgets She Had a Third Child While on Anesthesia

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Somehow, Candace completely forgot she birth three whole children and because of that, her husband then decided to have a little fun and convince her that he actually kidnapped the three children and that he was going to sell them. To make matters even worse, the husband told Candace that it was all her idea.

As the video begins, the husband is heard saying, “That’s right, I kidnapped them all,” as Candace looked back at her three little once trying to make sense of the situation. “I’m going to sell them, the kids.”

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“Where did that one come from,” Candace asked of her daughter who was sitting directly behind her. “I don’t know. Which one do you think will get us the most money? This was your idea.” her husband said, still going along with the joke. “I didn’t kidnap a kid? Nathan, I did not kidnap a kid. We only had two though.” she responds completely forgetting she didn’t just give birth to two children, she gave birth to three.

“That one doesn’t look like me,” she said, again pointing to her daughter who is sitting directly behind her, and listening to everything her mom is saying. Eventually, her husband continues the joke by telling Candace that he got them all off the playground before she urges him to take them back. “Oh my God, Nathan, why did you do that?” she says when he tells her he’s not going to take them back.

Mom Forgets She Had a Third Child While on Anesthesia and Then Starts to Believe Her Husband Kidnapped Them

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It’s unclear how long the joke went on for but it seems that Candace now realizes she is a mom of three. “Forgot I birthed an entire child and legit thought my husband was a kidnapper,” she captioned the video. I mean, could you imagine? Hopefully, her little girl isn’t taking her mom’s reaction too hard.

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