Woman Gives Birth During Her Fourth Date With Tinder Match And He Hasn’t Left Her Side Since

A couple from Australia were on date number four when they both witnessed the miracle of life.

In a viral TikTok video that has garnered over 1.3 million views, Alyssa Hodges revealed how Max Silvy was with her at the hospital when she gave birth to her son Ollie, despite meeting on Tinder just eight weeks prior.

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In the clip which was posted last week, Hodges, 20, recalled how she originally planned to pick up Silvy, 25, from the airport after a work trip, but felt like she was going into labor. After finding a new ride home, Silvy joined her at the hospital and is still at her side to this day.

“I was a little bit nervous because I was by myself, and I was also worried that — okay, yes I want him as a support person, but what if we end up breaking up in a week’s time?” Hodges shared, adding that she was 19 when Ollie was born.

“We’ve only had a couple of dates. We didn’t know each other very well,” she continued. “At this stage, his parents didn’t know about me or anything like that.”

“But long story short,” she went on, “he ended up coming and basically being my biggest support.”

While at the hospital, doctors decided Ollie was not quite ready to be born and sent Hodges home for the next few days. In his own video shared this past week on Hodges’ TikTok page, Silvy said he stayed with Hodges until it was finally time for her to give birth.

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“So for that whole week, I stayed with her at her place [and] drove her to the hospital when she needed,” he said in the clip.

After the baby was born, Silvy didn’t leave Hodges’ side for days while the newborn rested in the NICU.

Hospital staff even believed Silvy to be the father and allowed him to stay with her in the maternity unit.

“He didn’t protest when they did call him Dad,” Hodges revealed. “He just went along with it.”

When Hodges and her son were released from the hospital, she revealed how Silvy took the week off from work to help care for the newborn and support her transition into motherhood. 

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“And we’re still together now, thankfully!” she shared.

In a follow-up clip, she posted photos from Ollie’s birth, including pictures of Silvy holding the baby boy in his arms and sleeping next to him in bed.

Hodges told Australian outlet 7News that it felt right to have Silvy’s support during her delivery.

“We both knew that we liked each other and had strong feelings for each other. But the birth was the peaking point of our relationship, it bonded us,” she explained.

“Looking back, I know it was the best decision ever. I’m so glad he was there,” she added.

Hodges informed the outlet that she was about 6 ½ months pregnant when she joined Tinder and was not hiding the fact that she was expecting a baby soon.

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“I didn’t want to lead anyone on, so I was being open and honest,” she said. “I wanted them to know what they were getting into right off the bat.”

Silvy admitted to the outlet, “Normally I wouldn’t swipe right on a pregnant girl, but there was just something about her.”

Currently, Hodges and Silvy are raising Ollie together and have plans to get their own place soon.

“We only lived 20 minutes apart so we’d take turns being at each other’s houses,” Hodges shared.

Hodges says that their unconventional, romantic beginnings has only made them stronger.

“I think [being there for the birth] helped Max’s relationship with Ollie too, as he was able to see him come into the world,” Hodges said. “He already plays such an important role in Ollie’s life, but it really helps that he was there.”

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