Five Years Later: Meet the Woman Who Lived Her Dream of Becoming a Mom at 60

All Atifa Ljajic ever wanted to be was a mom. And for years, that seemed impossible. 

She did everything to make her dreams happen. And on the fifth round of IVF, the miracle she had been waiting for.

Five Years Later: Meet the Woman Who Lived Her Dream of Becoming a Mom at 60

mom birth 60

As Yahoo! News reports, at the age of 60, Atifa was preparing to live out her wish of being a mom. According to reports, becoming a mom at 60 made Atifa Serbia’s second oldest woman to give birth.

“I knew it would be a big risk in my age, but my only wish in life was to have a child, and it has come true,” she told local reports. The ecstatic family welcomed a baby girl, Alina, into the world on June 20, 2017. 

Atifa called the day Alina was born the “happiest day” of her life. She added that the moment Alina was first placed into her arms, she became a “happier woman.”

“I finally, after so much trouble and effort, became what I wanted all my life – a mother.” But then a piece of her joy was stripped away when her husband blindsided her.

According to reports, despite finally having all she ever wanted, Atifa’s husband left her after 10 years old marriage.  As Yahoo! reports, “he couldn’t handle the infant’s crying causing him to lose sleep.”

mom birth 60

“I am sick man, I have 68 years, sugar, and a weak heart, it is not easy all night to not sleep and listen to your baby’s cries,” Sheriff Nokić told reporters. “It was hard for me. I have no pension.”

He added that he initially discouraged his ex-wife from getting pregnant. “I opposed it because the risk is great, but I relented, seeing her great courage.”

Afitfa’s cousin told reports that she is now left poor with no support but determined to make sure Alina would grow up on “the right path.”

“I worked in a textile plant Raska and yet I have no money, I do not have any other income, nor relatives who might help me. I know it will not be easy, because I will have to look for some better accommodation, and it all costs a lot. Nevertheless, I believe that will be good people who will help me.”

Now, Alina would have just celebrated her fifth birthday. Mamas Uncut has searched for an update, but couldn’t find any further information regarding the mother-daughter duo.

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