WATCH: Young Boy Hit by Car on His Way to School, But Is Miraculously Saved by His Backpack

A young boy was walking to school when he was hit by a car, but he luckily survived the accident, seemingly without a scratch. The boy, wearing black pants and a long-sleeved plaid shirt, waited patiently to cross a busy intersection, carrying a blue and white backpack. 

He waited to cross until it looked like no cars were coming. He crossed quickly and didn’t see a white car rounding the corner at a fast clip. The white car ran right into the boy, who flew up into the air and bounced on the road. He got up, appearing fine, and walked back to the side of the road. Watch footage of the incident below.

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Video Via: Digg

To his credit, the driver stopped, got out of his car, and checked on the boy, whose mother also ran across the busy road to check on him, as did many neighbors and other drivers who had witnessed the incident. 


In the video, the boy is surrounded by people checking on him, but remains standing and appears fine while everyone checks on him. One woman is on the phone, we assume to call the paramedics to make sure he’s ok.


It also seems the boy’s backpack may be responsible for breaking his fall, allowing him to get up relatively uninjured and get to safety.


The traumatic incident was caught on CCTV camera. The video was shared by Digg. Fortunately, the boy who was hit appears to be fine by the end of the video. 

We’re so glad this boy is safe and seemingly unhurt. If it was, in fact, his backpack that saved him, what a truly incredible story!

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