Young Wynta-Amor Goes Viral Leading Protest Rally

Protests across the nation continue with a passion after the murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin.

Even young children are stepping up to protest and rally against the institutionalized police violence that has consistently abused African American communities for far too long.

A clip is going viral of a protest in Merrick, Long Island, featuring a little girl named Wynta-Amor leading the charge. Wynta girl can be seen courageously marching alongside protesters with her face mask pulled down her chin as she fervently cries out, “No justice, no peace.”

According to Long Island reporter, Scott Brinton, thousands protested in Merrick. The day after, about 150 marchers were met by 30 counter-protestors in Merrick who refused to allow the anti-police violence marchers to walk past them.

They yelled at them to “go home,” and eventually, Nassau County police escorted the protestors down the sidewalk, standing between them and the counter-protestors.

Young Wynta-Amor Goes Viral Leading Protest Rally
Wynta-Amor / Image via Twitter

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The clip has been reposted all over by many, including celebrities, most noting how heartbreaking it is that someone so young as to march for her life when other kids get to be just kids.

According to experts, having positive discussions about race and racism is vital to have with children especially right now — including homes where this has not been a topic of discussion prior.

Children are very tapped into fairness and what is right and what is wrong. Framing conversations about racism and injustice as fair vs. unfair can help them understand.

Young Wynta-Amor Goes Viral Leading Protest Rally
Image via Shutterstock

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It is important that when talking to your children to understand how there are people in this world who judge others unfairly based on their skin color and to be transparent with them about why people are protesting right now.

And by focusing on the historical context of how protests have led to change in the past, it can help children better understand and react with less fear.

To learn more about how you can talk to your little ones about injustice, racism, and protests, check out these books to help guide your conversations to start destigmatizing differences & celebrating racial diversity.

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