10 Children's Arts and Crafts You Can Buy on Amazon That Won't Make a Huge Mess

10 Children’s Arts and Crafts You Can Buy on Amazon That Won’t Make a Huge Mess

Getting creative is important and imperative when it comes to early childhood development. Not only do creative outlets help with a child’s self-expression, but “creative experiences can help children express and cope with their feelings, it fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving,” according to PBS.

However, while arts and crafts time is a great way to harvest your child’s creativity, we get that it can get to be pretty messy. So we found 10 things you can buy on Amazon that allow your kids to get creative without all the mess.


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1. Kinetic Sand

With Kinetic sand you can mix it, mold it, squish it, cut it, and so much more. And with this large variety of colors, there are endless possibilities to creating whatever your child’s heart desires and with minimal mess.

2. Playfoam Combo

Zero the mess, it never dries out, which means the clean fun and creativity never has to end with this play foam! And just like the kinetic sand, it can be formed and molded into any shape your child will think up. Not to mention, it’s just really fun to play with.

3. The Orb Factory Plushcraft Personalized Pillow

No, you don’t need to know how to sew in order to help your kid create their very own throw pillow for their bedroom and it also doesn’t involve glue or other messy adhesives. How cool is this?

4. Melissa & Doug Water Wow!

Not only are these water pens fueled by water, but they are reusable and make it impossible for your kiddos to make a mess with them. And that’s the kind of endless fun we all like!

5. Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit

We mean, “Mess Free” is in the name of this product, so shall we say, “enough said?”

6. Crayola Glitter Dots

Do your kids love glitter? But are you sick of having it end up everywhere to the point where you’re still walking out the door with glitter stuck to your eyebrows weeks later? Well, these Crayola Glitter Dots are here to fix that. All of the glitz and the glamor without all of the mess.

7. Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Magic Light Brush 2.0 Paint Set

Paint that only shows up on special paper and not on your walls, carpet, or furniture? And it lights up to give their little creation even pizzaz? Count us in!

8. Scratch Art Set

Out of all of these options we are laying out for you, this has the potential to be the “messiest” if we’re being honest with you. But how cool of a twist does this scratch paper put on your ordinary drawing sessions?

9. Fansteck Water Doodle Mat

Again, we give you markers and art supplies that only show up on the reusable mat that creates a massive canvas for creations that come from your children’s wildest imaginations!

10. Melissa & Doug Mess-Free Glitter Foam Bracelets Craft

Not only does this give kids the ability to create their own mess-free jewelry, but it also shows off their sense of style. Just what is your kids “taste” in fashion, this will surely give you some insight!

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With the amount of time we all have nowadays, not only will these products help fill up that time, and even give you ideas for that next art class you have to homeschool, but they’ll also fully embrace your child’s creativity.

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