Greatest Toy Fails

A Doll That Magically Poops Charms: 10 of the Funniest Toy Fails

From poor design to outrageously creepy, there are so many toys out there that leave us scratching our heads. You truly have to wonder what some of these manufacturers were thinking when they created these fails.

With the holidays approaching, we’ve taken a moment to round up some of the funniest toy fails on the internet for your enjoyment. Here’s hoping none of these make it onto your child’s wish list!

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10 of the Most Hilarious and Disturbing Toy Fails

Ummm Try Again

We hope no one is relying on this toy to teach their little one to count.

Tigger Problems

We’re not sure who gave this one the green light.

Hit and Run

This joy ride did not end well.

Bobble Bottoms

Not sure that these are appropriate for your littlest toy seekers, but they’re certainly making us laugh.

Don’t Forget Your Keys

Not sure exactly what this key goes to…

Interesting Deer

Let’s try this one again.

Starting Young

This beer pong set is being marketed as a “ball challenge” but we can’t be fooled.

Mud Puddle

As if sand and water would stay perfectly in place. You’ve been warned.

Happy Spider

We cannot unsee this one.

Charmed Poops

Collect all the magical charms!

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