15 Funny Memes About How Everything Is Cake

Well, the “everything is cake” movement is happening online right now proving that we have more time on our hands than we know what to do with and that nothing actually matters. Why does nothing matter? Because everything is cake. If you have somehow missed the baked-good-madness we’ve devolved into, it’s basically a trend online where people make videos of objects that don’t look like cake but are indeed cakes. For instance, someone will take a knife to a potato but once they slice into it, the viewer realizes it was actually just a cake decorated to look like a potato. WOW!

Now, that we’ve got the very basic premise out of the way, we’re going to show you a couple of examples of cakes that look like other things followed by plenty of memes inspired by this very strange trend. 2020 has been a tough year and it’s interesting that the internet and culture have taken this turn. Don’t think about anything that matters and just enjoy the memes because everything is cake.

Not Your Mama’s Yule Log

For those who are already deep into this meme trend, you can skip ahead. For the uninitiated, here’s an example of what’s going on in the country. Someone has decorated a cake to look like a stump, complete with speckles of cake that look like bark. Cute, right?

Corona Cake

Do you know what’s not so cute? Cake decorated to look like a roll of toilet paper. Because toilet paper is our currency now, we should probably be more impressed by this. But, alas, it’s just cake.


This comic imagines completing the circle of understanding that everything is cake and therefor nothing is cake. “And when everything’s cake, nothing will be.”

You’re Sweet… On the Inside

That explains things. We knew we felt a little underdone.

July 2020

We wanted spice, but we aren’t allowed to have the good things anymore. Every food is now actually just cake. We want our fried foods back!

Trust No One

In these wicked, wretched times, it’s best not to trust anyone. Don’t even trust yourself because inside, you’re just cake. Have you ever trusted cake before? No. Don’t start now.

Can’t Believe It

The commercials for this were right all along. It’s not butter. It’s not “spread.” No, it’s really a big cake in those tubs.


When you are so over the cake trend, that you actually just dunk on Doritos. Yeah, we get it, cake… Why do they only fill 1/4 of the bag?


This is actually the most disgusting thing we’ve ever seen and we’re sorry we included it on this list. Why must the poultry be cake too?

Plot Twist

Dear 2020 writers room, can you get a grip? This is beginning to feel unhinged.


Nope. Sorry that your expensive gaming system is not a soft slice of cake. The island you built for Animal Crossing, however, is cake.

Harry Cake

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From what I heard he yelped lmao

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We can confirm that Harry Styles is not a baked good.

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A Pizza Is a Pie

A pizza is a pie unless it’s a cake in which case, violence is warranted. We appreciate the people who oppose the idea that everything must be cake.

The Whole Planet

That sure does look like a slice of cake. Global warming is just the cake baking.

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It’s funny. When Marie Antoinette famously said, “let them eat cake,” she actually meant her, because it turns out, Antoinette was made of cake. What an invention!

There you go! We’re living in strange times, but at least, there are the cake memes.

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