20 Wild and Hilarious TikTok Memes by Teenage Moms That Nail the Craziness of (Young) Motherhood

You might have read the headline and thought to yourself, “What is TikTok?” If you’re not a teenager or don’t have a teen of your own, chances are you’re not up to speed on all of this ticking and tocking. TikTok is simply a video sharing and social media platform where people share short videos often paired with music.

Each TikTok video is less than 15 seconds and can be about anything the creator wants. The TikTok app allows users to upload and create videos with ease. Because the videos are so short and begin to play as soon as the app is launched, it doesn’t require much commitment from users who just want to be entertained for a short time. TikTok has gained popularity and now has over 500 million users worldwide. Celebrity endorsements of the app have helped it grow. Reese Witherspoon shared a video with her son explaining TikTok. And, a couple of years ago, Jimmy Fallon invited viewers of his show to try the app.

You can search for content and discover new videos by using different hashtags just like you would on Instagram or Twitter. We recently stumbled across a fun one: #TeenMom. There are no set-in-stone rules, but the TikTok trend involves former teen moms poking fun at their younger selves. Generally, these moms recreate photos with their children, discuss the struggles of motherhood at a young age, or just have fun with their kids. It’s hilarious. Take a look at our top twenty #TeenMom TikToks.

1. A TikTok that Captures that Teen Mom Struggle


LMAO #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #teenmom #myheartwhen #ThatsWhatILike #BreakupWithBottled

♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

With many of the #TeenMom trending videos, they use the song, “I’m Just a Kid” by Simple Plan. The song conveys the angst, misunderstanding, and stress of being a teenage mom. The video posted by @skylerbrecht shows her recreating a photo from her days as a teen mom. She really nails the facial expression.

2. Ashlay Soto Really Carried the Weight of the World


She’s not so small anymore ???????? olivia_olivarez_ #greenscreen I was tired af ????????????????

♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

TikTok user, @ash_lay captioned her video, “She’s not small anymore. I was tired af.” Any mom, teen or otherwise, knows how exhausting a newborn can be. Her TikTok video hilariously shows us that being a mom is really a heavy lift.

3. Mom Felt Tired While Baby Felt Wired


#teenmomcheck #imjustakid

♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

@nerdynurseashes opens her TikTok video just like the others, but her daughter’s expression really takes this video to the next level. The video begins like others with the hashtag, where a caption reads, “So, I was a teen mom.” Then, her daughter somehow manages to perfectly recreate her expression as a baby.

4. The Haueter Family Story in One TikTok


Fun fact: I was a teenage mom and this pretty much sums it up

♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

Entire families are getting in on the TikTok fun. The @haueterfamily account posted their video with the caption, “Fun fact: I was a teenage mom and this pretty much sums it up.” Then, the former teenage mom holds her teenage son. The timing here is unbelievable.

5. The #TeenMom Trend Is So Good!


but I got pregnant ♥️ #artober #lookalikes #greenscreen #eyeslipsface #foryoupage #babies #pregnant #teenmom

♬ What I Know Now – Leslie Kritzer & Beetlejuice Original Broadway Cast Recording Ensemble

In a different kind of before and after video by @chrissy_yaaaay, she reminisces about her teenage years before she got pregnant. In a montage, we see photos of her looking popular and as the song she chose suggests, “I was hot.” Until… “I got pregnant.” The video cuts to a photo of her pregnant in a prom gown and then a photo of her newborn. Genius.

6. A Mother Always Knows


#greenscreen #pregnancy #notamistake #teenmom

♬ Never Be Like You (feat. Kai) – Flume

We all want to prove our parents wrong and @mileyxmoon totally nails it. She uses the song, “Never Be Like You,” to describe how she told her mom she wouldn’t become a teen mom like her. Then, she’s a teen mom. Again, and again, and again.

7. An Original “Rap” That Perfectly Sums Up Teen Pregnancy


Ayyyy it’s original content (I Think) #teenmom #pregnant #pregnancy #fyp #viral #trending #tiktokdoyourthing

♬ original sound – exhaustedem

When you make a video in TikTok, you don’t have to use recorded music. You can create your own. That’s exactly what @littlemissmii did in her #TeenMom video. She created a little rap that she attributed to “exhaustedem.” She jokes about weight gain, breakouts, falling grades, and more.

8. Let’s Take a Moment to Inject Some Cuteness into This Countdown


Baby fever loading……???????? thank me later;) #CozyLittleChristmas #fashion #foryou #youmade2019 #teenmom #howidothings #foryoupage

♬ The Cuppycake Song – Amy Castle

Not all TikTok videos are funny; some are just plain cute. @Rachel.babyyy posted a compilation of clips of her baby. She might be a teen mom but her little baby’s cuteness isn’t lost on her. No matter how exhausting, a baby will always be your “Cuppycake.”

9. A Walk Down Memory Lane


POV: Dr never gave me a prego test when I was 17. #PINK2020 #seeya #fyp #foryourpage #daughter #mom #momlife #proud #teenmom #pregnancy

♬ Jump In the Line – Harry Belafonte

Former teen mom @gliceron created a masterpiece here. She uses “Jump in the Line” by Harry Belafonte to narrate her reactions to a doctor who told her she had a stomach virus, then cancer, before realizing that she was just pregnant at 17-years-old. Amazing that a doctor didn’t think to do a pregnancy test before telling this teenager she had a tumor.

10. Now, Let’s Get a Little Weird


Here’s this ???? #foryou #teenmom #baby #featureme #youtube #cute

♬ #multipleme – 阿美小保羅♓️????????????????????

Teen mom, @mommy2londyn parodied the lyrics to “multipleme” to prove that the only thing she had a hold on was her newborn baby. We don’t totally get this one, but we can’t stop watching it. You’ve been warned.

11. Teen Mom, How was Labor?


True story #tiktokmom #fyp #foryou #justdancemoves #CharliesAngelsUnite #nighroutine #labor #teenmom

♬ Delfino Plaza but progressive bass boost – .hacky

@bhadmommy perfectly sums up the different stages of her labor. It starts out fine, then the bass drops. This TikTok video about giving birth really captures the urgency of that special moment.

12. Expectations vs. Reality


not even ashamed ???? #CozyLittleChristmas #everwonder #SyrupTurnUp #bundledup #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #pregnant #36weekspregnant #teenmom

♬ gettoknowme – raeraaz.bkz

Sierra Louise captures what a bunch of teen moms are thinking in this TikTok. Moral of the story: expect the unexpected. Keep your chin up! You’ll get there girl!

13. A Teen Mom Laughing at the Haters


Ever wonder if your life could be any better? #teenmom #mba #never #give #up #fyp #foru #youcandoit #endthestigma #foryou

♬ original sound – aangeliquee.p

People told Sherryl Lynn that she “ruined” her life when she got pregnant in high school! She is laughing all the way to the bank after she got her masters in Business, bought a big house, and lived happily ever after. We love it when a mom gets the last laugh.

14. Parent and the Pediatrician


realities #fyp #foryou #teenmom #SyrupTurnUp

♬ Last Christmas – Wham!

In a TikTok from @babybeansss you’re treated to a fun fact about this teen mom. She is still seeing a pediatrician. The same pediatrician her son sees. Is this a joke? Probably. Is it beyond the realm of possibility? No.

15. Past is Prologue


Just joke because nobody was very happy with me ???? #foryoupage #foryou #teenmom #airforcefamily

♬ original sound – elijahfagan

@baileehopess walks viewers through a family history of teen pregnancy. Then, she gets pregnant herself. She captions the funny video, “just a joke because nobody was very happy with me.” We hope Bailee and her family have come to some mutual understanding about it.

16. Mystery Solved


#summersurvival #kindanervous #collegefootball #foryou #baby #teenmom

♬ What You Won’t Do For Love – honeytongue

@itsdanielleg missed her sophomore year of high school. Friends were wondering where she was all year. The big reveal? She had a baby.

17. A Slice of Life


night routine???????? #fyp #nightrountine #night #bath #baby #teenmom #foryou

♬ original sound – thelasfam

Some teen moms are using TikTok to share nighttime routines of themselves with their babies. Not all TikTok videos are funny. Some are very sweet, like this one from @taymacenzie.

18. Look to the Future Teen Moms, Not the Past


Don’t let this fool you I love my baby???? #teenmom #trend #fyp #fyp #baby

♬ things I lost – mattierogers69

Kimberly Balducci takes a moment to reflect on what’s been lost in 2019. She lists what’s missing, “my virginity, sleep, friends, and freedom.” Any teen mom knows the struggle. She explains in the caption, “Don’t let this fool you. I love my baby.”

19. Teen Mom, What’s Dating Like?


True story, I love and appreciate him so much❤️ #foryou #stepdad #boyfriend #teenmom

♬ mxmtoon – prom dress (feat. Lil Jon) – mattsmixtape

@alyssakelley, who’s a teen mom, beautifully captures the confusion and bliss she feels after finding a new boyfriend. The father of the baby might be out of the picture, but she’s still finding hope in a teen romance.

20. A Mom Knows When to Jump Conclusions


exactly how it went. #fyp #foryou #teenmom #perfectlanding

♬ original sound – .roshaun

Teen mom, @babybeansss is all over the teen mom hashtag. She’s back with another hilarious TikTok video about telling her mom that she was pregnant. Seems like her mom already knew what was coming.

We hope you enjoyed this curated list of our favorite teen mom videos on TikTok. TikTok can seem like a weird place, mostly because it’s populated with teenagers. But, the kids are all right! They’re making light of a heavy situation with these lighthearted videos. We absolutely love these teen moms and their creativity.

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