23 Funny Tweets About Mothers-in-Law That Prove Relationships Are Complicated

Mothers-in-law often times get a bad rap, but mostly they’re wonderful, integral parts of any relationship and family. The overly broad painting of in-laws as an annoyance is a cultural product that is funny but oftentimes is pretty far from the truth. If you’re a parent and ever experienced the in-laws swooping in to give you a break from your kids for a few hours, you know just how valuable (lifesaving) they can be.

We decided to putt around Twitter to see what people were saying about their in-laws and the beloved mother-in-law in particular. The tweets we found range from heartfelt to hilarious and it’s no surprise that many people have many different opinions out there. Here are 23 funny tweets about mothers-in-law that prove they’re the real MVPs.

A Gift from the MIL

This mother-in-law is not mincing words and has an eye for bold coffee mugs. When you’ve got a family that loves and works together, hang onto it. It’s worth fighting for.

Thanks for the Memories

Here, we have the classic do-your-remember-so-and-so question loaded with descriptors. While this might be fun at the start, the end was rather anticlimactic.

Brutal Honesty is a Perk

This text exchange between a son-in-law and his MIL is gold. He was asking about her laptop issues and she came back with a play-by-play about her gas.

A MIL Is Just Looking Out

We’re all rocking COVID hair these days and this MIL has nary a care about a pandemic’s impact on services like getting a haircut. A good-humored response here.


We’re sure this mother-in-law had good intentions here, but maybe the word “metamorphosis” was the wrong choice? We appreciate this Kafkaesque tweet.

Send Help

This MIL has sent a horror movie in the form of a text message. What’s more unsettling, the picture, the spelling of “gwaqumoli,” or the fact that it wasn’t sent twice?

Mother-in-law or Mother of Invention?

Who needs kitty litter when you can get kitty cement? Times are tough, be there for each other through the good times and the hard ones.

Butter Those Beans!

The ability of butter to absolutely transform any dish into delish is a secret that any good mother-in-law knows! We’re glad this son-in-law can now move forward with this masterful culinary knowledge.

Tooth Fairy?

Just an ordinary day. Nothing to see here, just a bag a of teeth. Yikes!

How Low Can You Go?

This is rather mean, but the setup is just solid. Let’s hope the MIL doesn’t have a Twitter account because it’s over otherwise.

Don’t Think About It too Hard

This hilarious tweet about a mother who’s a newly minted lawyer is everything. She is a mother in the law!

Honest Enough

Here, we find someone questioning her grandmother’s role as a mother-in-law. It’s always smart to be honest and upfront about the things you see. Put what you want out into the world!

The Tech-centric MIL

Nothing rings quite like a landline and this man’s MIL proves it. Whether you’d like an early warning about what by incoming, or you just like the idea of a double-helping of the MIL, the landline is where it’s at.


Well, someone’s managed to rope Einstein into this. This is pretty simple: drinking isn’t all that great for you. Jogging is a healthy exercise.

That MIL Perspective

Let’s hope we’re all this stonecold awesome when we’re 87-years-old. This MIL is just telling it like it is.

That’s Called a Pesca…

If you’ve ever been a vegetarian or (god help you) a vegan, then you know about this struggle. This is a perfect tweet.

Pun with MIL

Well, this pun does all the heavy lifting in this hilarious about sharing a meal with the MIL. We’re certain most mothers-in-law don’t wish a deathly allergic reaction on their child’s spouse!

Mothers-in-law Don’t Have Time to Dance Around It!

Some MIL’s don’t play games, okay? This one shut it down.

This Classic

Well, just think, your wedding could have been much worse! Leave it to a MIL-to-be to put the happiest day of your life into perspective for you.

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby!

This is unfortunate. The last thing any of us wants is our mother and mother-in-law talking about, publicly or otherwise, is our sex lives. Yes, prayers!

You Know, She Probably Would Too

This hilarious retweet with comment perfectly repurposes the phrase “come get your man” but for the MIL’s out there.

Glad This Person Has a Friend

You know you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation if this is true. You always need someone in your corner and sometimes a MIL will be that person for you!

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“Oh Nicky, he was such a fine young man.”

You know, MIL’s have lived very full, exciting lives. Dating Nicolas Cage is certainly a flex if this is true! However, it could be a joke, in which case, Cage is so ridiculous that this is perfect.

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