25 Edgy Baby Girl Names with Plenty of Swagger and Sass

Choosing a unique baby name that balances coolness with gravitas is not a science but rather an art. The challenge is to find a name that stands out, but not for the wrong reasons. Names inspired by pop culture, nature, and history offer a great deal of freshness. An edgy baby name must be a touch rough and a whole lot of smooth!

Edgy baby names are preferred by fashionable parents because they sound hip and fun and lean into the present without worrying about timelessness. However, you don’t want to choose a name that’s so “out there” that you end up regretting it and decide to change it a couple of months down the line. Go with your gut but be sensible is good advice. If that seems like too much of a chore, we’re here to help. We’ve curated 25 edgy baby names for girls that will act as the perfect moniker for your little one. With an open mind, get ready to take a walk on the wild side with these adorable and amusing baby names.

25. Blake

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Let’s not let Blake Lively have all the fun with this amazing name. Blake has traditionally been reserved for boys, but we love the edginess the name gets when given to a baby girl. The English name means “black.”

24. Raven

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

That’s so Raven! Meaning “dark-haired” or relating to the large, dark bird of the crow family, this name may either remind you of a sassy little girl on The Cosby Show or a famous Edgar Allen Poe poem (blah). We love the mystery that’s built into this name.

23. Aella

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Aella was the fierce warrior notorious for wielding a double-edged sword in Greek mythology. This beautiful name means “whirlwind.” It’s pronounced correctly as Ay-Ell-Ay, but many parents say the name like Ella. It’s your kid, live your life.

22. Tempest

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Tempest is a cool and redolent word name. The name means “stormy.” If you’re looking for a nature-inspired name that isn’t too on-the-nose, consider Tempest.

21. Zia

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “light,” Zia has the benefit of starting with Z, the coolest letter. Names that start with or incorporate X and Z always sound fresh. Zia originated as a name for boys but the popularity of the name Mia has made it trend for girls over the last several decades.

20. Danica

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

The Slavic name Danica has slowly found its way into English-speakers hearts. The name means “morning star” so its meaning isn’t too edgy but its sound is. In the US, you’ll commonly hear the name pronounced DAN-ick-ah, but it’s pronounced DAH-nee-tza everywhere else.

19. Vada

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

The vintage name Vada entered the US top 1000 for the first time in 2018. The origin of the name is disputed but many have settled on the explanation that it comes from German and means “famous ruler.” However, it’s possible that it’s an American invented name. If you’ve ever cried to My Girl, you’re familiar with this name.

18. Ember

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Ember is a name with Old English and Old Norse roots and refers to a live piece of coal or wood. The name enjoyed obscurity until reality TV’s Audrey Roloff chose the name for her daughter. There’s no denying this name has a glow to it.

17. Kyra

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

While Keira is absolutely wonderful, we enjoy the variety that Kyra brings to the table. Kyra comes from the Persian name Cyrus that means “throne.” We also love this name for its inevitable nickname Ky.

16. Ridley

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Thanks to director Ridley Scott, the name has been considered a name for boys over the past few decades. However, the name is a wonderful possibility for a little girl. It has English origins and means “cleared wood.”

15. Delta

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Delta has Southern-fried charm baked into it thanks to actor Delta Burke. The name comes from the Greek letter. A river delta is so named because it shares the same shape as the letter. If you are after a vintage-sounding name that packs a punch, Delta will do it.

14. Rooney

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Thanks to actor Rooney Mara (Carol, A Ghost Story), this Gaelic surname is now seen as an elegant option for girls. The name means “red-haired” according to some. Other claims the original surname it is derived from, O’ Ruanaidh means “descendant of the champion.” Either way, you’ve got a winner.

13. Zinnia

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Of all the flower names, Zinnia has the most character and edge. The name has German and Latin origins and means “Zinn’s flower.” The zinnia flower symbolizes remembrance. We also love the nicknames Zin and Nia.

12. Sloane

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

From the Irish/Gaelic word sluagh, which means “warriors,” Sloane is an edgy almost industrial-sounding name. Fictional Sloane Peterson, along with Ferris Bueller and Cameron Frye, taught us all how easy it is to take a day off from school in 1986.

11. Neko

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Spelled a Nico or Neko this very fun name is making a comeback. Thandie Newton recently chose Nico for her daughter. And, Indie musician Neko Case has been rocking the moniker for years. The name has Greek origins and means “people of victory.”

10. Tavi

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Tavi has been thrust into the spotlight by teenage fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. This cute name, previously not on anyone’s radar, could be a way to honor a family member named David or a short form of the delicious Octavia. Or not! It stands as a perfectly stylish name all on its own.

9. Zarina

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

While not all that edgy, Zarina is a unique name to most English-speakers. It has Persian origins and means “golden vessel.” It also has the added benefit of sounding like czarina which is clearly made for a little princess.

8. Pazia

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Pazia is a Spanish name with Hebrew origins that means “peace.” Sure you could go with the gender-neutral Paz, but we love the extra zing of Pazia.

7. Ange

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Ange is a name with a real sense of toughness to it. It’s a diminutive form of Angela with Latin roots and means “angel.” In Europe, the name is commonly given to boys as a form of the name Angelus. If you’re looking for a name with a resolute sound and excellent meaning, Ange will do it.

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6. Hunter

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Hunter is an English occupational name that became popular for boys in the 1990s. It wasn’t until the 2010s that the name really took off for girls. It now stands as the 823 most popular name in the US. Actor, model, and activist Hunter Schaffer will be familiar to you if you’ve seen HBO’s Euphoria. She starred opposite Zendaya as Jules.

5. Wren

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

An Old Norse name that means “lady,” Freya is also the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death in Norse mythology. Relatively obscure for most Americans, the name has taken off in recent years and is now a top 1000 name.

4. Magenta

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Magenta is a rich, colorful name that has Italian origins. Mag or Mags would both be wonderful nicknames! If you’ve read Harry Potter, seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or enjoyed an episode of Blue’s Clues, you know this name well.

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3. Sage

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

This name means both “herb with healing and cleansing powers” and “wise one, prophet.” You can get a little wild with the spelling and go with Saige or Sayge if you wish. Actor Toni Collette chose the name for her daughter, Sage Florence when she was born in 2008.

2. Sabine

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

This beautiful French/German version of the Latin name Sabina refers to women of the ancient Italian Sabine tribe, who were kidnapped by Romans and forced to populate their new city. Which is not good! We prefer to look to nature as the inspiration for this name. The Sabine glacier in Antarctica and Sabine River in Louisiana are two beautiful examples. This name has never made it into the top 1000 in the US, let’s change that!

1. Kiva

25 Edgy Baby Girl Names

Today we learned that Kiva appears in both Star Wars (a planet) and Stargate (a character). Kiva is a Hebrew variant of Akiva and means “protect.” This name has the right amount of cool with just enough bite. Conversely, you’ll find the name spelled Keva, as an Irish variant of Kevyn which means “handsome.”

There you go! 25 names for girls with that push the envelope. These edgy names for girls are likely to turn heads so make sure you absolutely love it before landing on a name like Kiva, Sabine, or Magenta.

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