‘Just Told My Kids I’m Older Than Google; They Thought I Was Kidding: 25 Hilarious Parenting Memes by Mommy Owl

Being a parent isn’t always the easiest endeavor. Clothing, feeding, housing, and nurturing our spawn is mostly exhausting. One mom, Lauren Lodder, finds the humor in it all and has produced some of the funniest tweets, Instagrams, and other posts about parenting you’ll ever see.

Lauren posts under the pseudonym Mommy Owl across various social media platforms. Her tweets have gone viral and have even been featured on late-night TV. If you’re a parent and you want something funny to help you destress or just feel like you’re not alone in this world, Mommy Owl’s posts are going to be just the thing for you. They’re a hoot.

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Mommy Owl is a mother with a sharp sense of humor.

Some jokes are timeless.

While others are extremely timely.

There’s a tweet or ‘gram for almost any occasion. Here’s her latest viral tweet about Christmas.

She’s got some of the most relatable content out there.

We’ve never felt so seen.

She gets us.

She tells some hard truths.

Like, she knows the parenthood struggles.

Sometimes she can be profound.

At least she tells it like it is.

We all feel ancient. Don’t worry.

Why isn’t parenting as easy as it looked in the movies?

She figured out why. It’s a conspiracy.

Her commentary on her children’s’ meltdowns is as spot-on.

Do all kids have cereal related trauma?

She’s more than just a clever wordsmith.

Mommy Owl has very fun photos up on Instagram as well.

To be honest, the wordy ones make us laugh the most.

At the end of the day, she and her husband seem to be parenting well.

She will set any record straight.

She gets inspired by the children.

She sets reasonable expectations.

She thinks outside the frame.

We love Mommy Owl and hope you enjoyed her relatable AF posts about parenting.

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