25 Funny Tweets About Disney Reopening Amid Coronavirus Outbreak in Florida

Disney World went ahead with reopening the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom on Saturday, July 11 amid a spike in coronavirus cases in Florida. What could go wrong? To kick off the reopening, an official Disney Parks account shared a video featuring upbeat, masked employees welcoming fans back. The video failed to calm fears about the possibility of the reopening making the pandemic worse, in fact, people on Twitter dragged Disney for its tone-deafness.

The backlash was swift and continues today as people watch in horror as tourists swarm Orlando. When Disney closed the park in March, there were a handful of known cases in Florida. As of reopening, Florida recorded record-breaking positive case numbers. The employees of the park are actually uneasy and many fear for their health and safety. It’s just not a good look at all. We rounded up some darkly funny tweets about Disney reopening that perfectly capture the insanity of this moment.

Tinker Bell, the Super Spreader

Tink would never… Would she? This hilarious tweet helps you realize that while Disney might make you think of magic, all the company really cares about is your money, honey!

All Work and No Play Makes Mickey a Dull Boy

This! This right here! The video that Disney released about its reopening set to the theme from The Shining is the most perfect repurposing of a movie soundtrack in the history of humanity.

Amity Island But Make it Florida

While we’re comparing classic horror movies to Disney’s reopening, let’s not forget Mayor Vaughn from Jaws ignoring the fact that there was a giant, killer shark hunting the waters of Amity Island. The shark is the perfect metaphor for coronavirus. Dun-nuh. Dun-nuh. Dun-nuh-duh-nuh-nuh-nuh!

A World of Hopes, A World of Tears

“It’s a world of laughter
A world of tears
It’s a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There’s so much that we share
That it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all.”

These are the actual lyrics to “It’s a Small World.” Read them and weep.

What… Is… Happening…

It boggles the mind that Disney would put the safety of all of its employees on the line. There’s nothing essential about a theme park.

Mickey, You Okay?

If you’ve ever wondered what a skeletal Mickey Mouse looks like, now you know. Not so magical.

The Thrill Is That You Could Die

Unlike a rollercoaster, safety is not guaranteed in a pandemic. It’s a mystery why so many would risk so much just to overpay for pretzels shaped like a mouse.

Ms. Poppins Knows

Ms. Mary Poppins with the COVID remix we deserve. “Hum-ventilator-later-hum-later-die,” is especially troubling, but we know the thought won’t give anyone pause.

You Could Haunt Disney Forever

Yes, the Haunted Mansion isn’t as fun if you’re going to be the one to haunt it.

Puns are Funs

We didn’t forget about Minnie Mouse! No, this Twitter user managed to create the perfect pun with her name.

Insert Maniacal Mickey Laugh Here

Disney’s new logo? Plague Mickey? We’re not feeling this redesign.

It’s Like They Never Even Met a Child

Kids will be kids which means that children will touch, lick, poo, pee, snot, cough, and cry all over anything that’s in their vicinity. No shade on kids, just facts.


Disney launched its standalone streaming service, Disney+ late last year. Little did we know it would be the prologue to Disney-related COVID cases.


The only free thing you’ll ever get from a theme park! And, it lasts for weeks or even months. Thanks for looking out, Mickey!

A Toon for the Toons

Ouch. “Spreading more than cheer” is a chilling sentiment here.


A trip to Disney was an unwelcome obligation for some before the pandemic, but now it’s almost criminal? Friends don’t let friends and family do Disney.

No Comment

We did not tweet this so do not come for us. Some people just don’t understand the obsession with children’s movies, okay?

It Comes with Mouse Ears Tho…

It’s America! People will pay for anything! Don’t believe us? *looks at people opting to go to a theme park amid a pandemic in one of the hardest-hit states in the country*

Debatable, But We See Your Point

Florida’s sunny weather makes it a hospitable place for a number of theme parks. A debate rages on about which one is the best and according to this Twitter user, it’s been settled.

This is a Read

We know it shouldn’t be a debate, but folks have politicized the recommendation of public health and safety experts at the expense of… the public. Not even the imagination of Walt Disney himself could have cooked that up.


Whew! This is a grim one.

Nothing to See Here

The “This is Fine” meme is one of the most versatile memes ever made. If you needed more proof, here we find it employed to show Mickey Mouse watching the house burn around him. Feels right.

Oh, Mickey’s Not so Fine

People are not having any of the Disney reopenings! Mickey really should have worn that mask.

Ooooh Ahhhh!

In some ways, the virus is like these Little Green Men from Toy Story. Only in our situation, they control the claw.

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We’re Doomed

Social distancing guidelines suggest we stand six feet apart and retain that distance to help slow the spread. Who would have thought that the long lines at theme parks wouldn’t be the most conducive setting to maintain the distance? Anyone? Did anyone think about that? Do we still think?

There you go! 25 funny tweets of outrage over Disney reopening. Good luck, Florida! Good luck, America!

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