30 Delicious Blender Recipes That Are Not Smoothies, But Are Just As Easy

We’ve found 30 simple and delicious blender recipes you should have on hand that aren’t smoothies. We all know to use our blender for healthy smoothies and smoothie bowls, but what else can this powerful kitchen appliance do? As it turns out, there are so many blender recipes to create everything from appetizers, desserts, pasta sauces, baked goods and especially cocktails.

The following blender recipes can all be made in your standard blender. However, some of the new blenders on the market have features like food processor attachments and dough blades, which make them even more useful for home cooking. There are even options like this disc container, which creates perfect whipped cream and foams for making coffee, cocktails and desserts. If you don’t have a good blender or you think it’s time to upgrade, there are some fantastic options. 

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No matter what blender you have, you can make these delicious blender recipes with ease! Using a blender for pancake batter gives fluffy pancakes that pour right onto the griddle. Using the blender to combine fruit and nuts to make sweet and smooth frozen desserts is a no brainer. And pouring baked good batter into cupcake pans and baking dishes is so much easier than using a mixing bowl. Keep scrolling to see the best easy blender recipes that aren’t your typical smoothies!


These easy Cottage Cheese Pancakes are made by combining all ingredients in a blender, then pouring onto a greased griddle or skillet. And like ricotta pancakes, they are higher in protein than a traditional pancake, but lighter and just as delicious!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Cottage Cheese Pancakes
Your Bloom Nutrition / Instagram 

Strawberry Blender Bars are the perfect breakfast on the go, or even great as a snack or light dessert. This version is made with oat flour for a gluten free treat, and they are super satisfying because they are baked with yogurt and topped with fresh strawberries. And you can make them even more delectable by drizzling with frosting!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Strawberry Bars
RealEATable Wellness / kellyelizabethking.com

German Pancakes taste extraordinary, but they are actually quite easy to make in your blender. Just add your ingredients to a blender, then pour into a greased baking dish. And by cooking them in a baking dish, they are way less labor than your standard griddle pancakes. You can top them with fruit, powdered sugar and syrup for a delicious and special breakfast treat!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies German Pancake
PB Fingers / Instagram 

Seriously, this recipe for Banana Blender Muffins is 3 simple steps. Blend ripe bananas with some other pantry staples, and you have yourself an awesome healthy, and tasty breakfast muffin. And you can use a cute shaped silicone baking tray to make hearts or other shapes that your kids and family will love.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Banana Muffins
Chen’s Plate / chensplate.com

Salted Caramel Donuts that require no baking or frying? Sign us up! These are made with dates, peanut butter, almond meal in a blender, then put in the freezer. After they set, they are coated in salted caramel chocolate, and topped with granola or other decorative crunch for a treat you won’t be able to resist!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Salted Caramel Donuts
Sammy Beasley / Instagram 


These Herb and Goat Cheese Popovers are the most impressive party appetizer or snack, and they are just as easy as blender muffins. They puff up in the oven, and everyone will wonder how you made them, but you will know the blender and muffin tins did all the work! Made with tangy cheese, fresh herbs and drizzled with honey, they will be sure to please and go perfectly with some wine or cocktails.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Herb and Goat Cheese Popovers
The Original Dish / theoriginaldish.com

Yes! You can make pizza crust in a blender, and you can make it even healthier with this Cauliflower Pizza Crust recipe. Just process your raw cauliflower in your blender to make a good low carb base for your crust. And you can customize your pizza to your family’s needs, so make one for the meat or veggie lovers and one full of cheese for the kids.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Cauliflower Pizza Crust
Mers Good Eats / Instagram 

This looks like such an impressive side dish or appetizer, but this Sweet Potato Puree is super simple to make. It’s one ingredient: sweet potatoes! But you can add some brown sugar, vanilla or cinnamon for an extra depth of flavor. And feel free to top with nuts or a brown sugar topping for some crunch!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Sweet Potato Puree
Mediterranean Movement / Instagram


One of the cutest beverages we’ve seen, this Festive Frosty Snowman Nog. You can pipe melted chocolate to draw the stick arms and buttons in the glass, and top with whipped cream and chocolate chips for the face. Now, this recipe leaves out the booze for the kids, so the whole family can enjoy this adorable drink, but feel free to add it if you like.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Snowman Nog
Miss Whisk / Instagram 

Looking for a chocolatey frozen drink? Look no further than this Buckeye Slide Cocktail made with Cleveland Whiskey. Bourbon, coffee liqueur and chocolate syrups blend together for a smooth and sweet drink. And because it’s made with ice cream and topped with candy bar pieces, you can also serve it as a tasty adult dessert!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Buckeye Slide Cocktail
Cleveland Whiskey/ clevelandwhiskey.com

We all need a great Strawberry Margarita recipe in our lives. This recipe is genius because it uses frozen strawberries – they are easy to have on hand, and you won’t need to water down the drink with ice. Just blend the ingredients, salt your rim and enjoy this fiesta in a glass!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Strawberry Margarita
Downshiftology / Instagram 


These Caramel Pecan Brownies are a chewy chocolatey treat you will crave, and they are actually made with healthy ingredients! Using a food processor or blender, you can make the brownie batter in minutes, and top with caramel sauce and chopped pecans for some added texture! And did we mention, there is no baking involved? Sweet!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Caramel Pecan Brownies
Yasmins Conscious Kitchen / Instagram 

Sometimes simple things are the most beautiful, and that is definitely true of this Gingerbread Bundt Cake. And no whisking or heaving lifting involved here, which will definitely save you stress and time around the holidays. This cake is so easy and quick to make in the blender, it’s perfect when you need a last-minute dessert that will impress.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Gingerbread Bundt Cake
Feasting on Fruit / feastingonfruit.com

A 6 ingredient pie that is made in your blender? Yes, it’s true! This Lemon Pie tastes amazing and doesn’t take all day to make. The fresh citrus dessert filing comes together in just 45 seconds by putting six simple ingredients in a blender. You can make your own pie crust, or save more time and get a store bought one. Then pop it in the oven and bake until set.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Lemon Pie
12 Tomatoes/ 12tomatoes.com

This non-dairy ice cream is so full of smooth chocolate and peanut butter, you won’t miss the cream! The recipe for Dreamy Snickers Nicecream is made in your blender with frozen bananas, so no need to freeze once it’s blended. You can enjoy it immediately! Customize your toppings and you have an indulgent, guilt-free dessert.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Snickers Nicecream
Run 2 Food / Instagram

These Chocolate Pops are formed using popsicle molds and frozen overnight. But as they say, good things come to those who wait! Once frozen, dip in chocolate and plus whatever decorations your heart desires. Feel free to sprinkle with nuts, drizzle with colored chocolates or even add some edible gold leaf if you are feeling fancy!

This recipe for Easy Chocolate Pudding is something that you will probably love. It includes simple steps for blending and makes exactly two pudding cups, which is a great idea for portion control. And with no stove or heating required, this blends up quickly and then sets in just 60-90 seconds in the fridge. Talk about instant dessert gratification!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Chocolate Pudding
Dessert for Two / dessertfortwo.com

For a creamy fruity treat, this Watermelon Basil Sherbet should be your go to recipe. The combination of watermelon, basil and lime is marvelous, and the addition of condensed milk makes it creamy. Once it’s frozen you’ll have a treat that looks and tastes like fresh ice cream made with real, whole ingredients.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Watermelon Basil Sherbet
Jawnsi Cooked / jawnsicooked.com


This beautiful Corn Chowder with Shrimp and Corn Relish recipe will be a sweet addition to your summer and fall meals. With ingredients like corn, roasted red peppers, garlic and smoky spices, this soup delivers on bold flavors. It’s easy to finish in just 30 minutes using your blender, with added texture and crunch of corn and grilled shrimp to top it off.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Corn Chowder with Shrimp
Joyful Healthy Eats / joyfulhealthyeats.com

This Potato Leek and Cauliflower Soup is the perfect comforting meal on a cold night. You can place minimal ingredients in a large pot, bring to a boil and simmer until the vegetables are soft. Then pour it all in your blender until creamy and smooth. Serve with croutons or even add pasta for a more hearty version. 

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Potato Leek and Cauliflower Soup
Rachel Nordhus / Instagram 

For this Mushroom Soup, everything happens in the blender, so no dishes to clean! Simply add your favorite mushrooms, rosemary, garlic, onions and liquid of choice and blend on high until smooth and hot. No cooking required and you’ll have a rich earthy and creamy soup.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Mushroom Soup
Veganish Mama / Instagram 

All you need for Butternut Squash and Roasted Red Pepper Soup is a blender and a sheet pan. Just roast some red peppers, chopped butternut squash and onions, then add to your blender with broth and spices. This soup is full of flavor and warmth! Top with some pumpkin seeds or cream to take it to the next level.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Butternut Squash and Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Real Simple Good / realsimplegood.com


Avocado Pesto Pasta Sauce adds a rich, creamy element to your pasta, without using heavy dairy ingredients. Simply switch the oil in pesto sauce for avocado and you get more nutrients AND more flavor. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and add to your favorite pasta for a delicious twist on a classic pasta dish.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Avocado Pesto Pasta
Mers Good Eats / Instagram 

Ready to eat in about 15 minutes, this Artichoke and Sun-Dried Tomato Fettuccine recipe is made with real ingredients that are delicious. And a bonus of this recipe is that it’s budget-friendly – you can make it for under $3 per serving. Just boil the pasta, blend the sauce and toss with chopped artichokes and sun dried tomatoes for a fantastic pasta meal.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Artichoke and Sun Dried Tomato Fettuccine
The Healthy Family and Home / thehealthyfamilyandhome.com

Blender Spaghetti Sauce is a quick way to whip up a genuine Italian meal in minutes. Using a blender and sweet tomatoes, garlic, onions and some Italian seasonings, you can have a savory tomato sauce in minutes. Your kids and family will love this one too!

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Blender Spaghetti Sauce
Mama Loves Food / mamalovesfood.com


Making your own peanut butter is easy and better for you, especially if you have special diet needs. This Easy Peanut Butter recipe is made in the blender in just 5 minutes and is so much tastier than store-bought. Blend and put it in the fridge to set overnight, and you can add it to baked goods, sandwiches, and even ice cream.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Easy Peanut Butter
Amy’s Healthy Baking / amyshealthybaking.com

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is a delicious dip for pita chips or veggies or a creamy sandwich spread. You can roast some red peppers in the oven, then add them to a blender with garlic, garbanzo beans, and some spices to make this delicious dip.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Priya Shah / Instagram

Maple Cinnamon Cashew Fruit Dip is so tasty and a great addition to your fruit trays or even just snacks for the kids. You can make it with 5 ingredients and a blender, and it’s so much better than the too-sweet fruit dips we all ate as a kid. The key to this simple dip is soaking your cashews in water, so when blended, they become a terrific creamy texture for dipping.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Fruit Dip
Fit Living Eats / fitlivingeats.com

This essentially hands-off Roasted Tomato Salsa recipe is full of fresh veggies and flavor. Use it for chips, veggies, eggs, and all of your Mexican inspired dishes. Simply roast the veggies under the broiler on a sheet pan, then blend them together until it reaches the consistency you like. And you can freeze it too, which is great for food prep and party planning.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Roasted Tomato Salsa
The Practical Kitchen / thepracticalkitchen.com

I know what you are thinking, Homemade Ketchup takes too much time versus store-bought. But this recipe only takes 5 minutes! And this version has no refined sugar – it gets its sweetness from dates, so it’s a lot better for you and the kids than the high-fructose corn syrup options on the grocery shelves.

30 Blender Recipes That Aren’t Smoothies Homemade Ketchup
Detoxinista / detoxinista.com
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