7 Red-Hot Tattoo Trends We Want to Try When Quarantine Ends

Tattoos are works of art and just like visual art or fashion, there are certain trends that really take off. Over the past few years, one of the biggest trends that continues today: the watercolor tattoo has enjoyed immense popularity. What were people even getting tattooed before the watercolor design trend? The trend is beginning cool along with symbol designs that are slowly falling out of fashion.

For whatever reason, quarantine and social distancing has only made the heart grow fonder for tattoos with many people itching for some new ink. As things are heating up, people are showing more skin and we’re noticing more and more tatt trends. Here are 7 hot tattoo trends that people are requesting from tattoo artists across the country.

7. Peekaboo Tattoos

As the name implies, peekaboo tattoos are slightly hidden tattoos that are strategically placed on areas like a hip, shoulder, collarbone, or behind the ear. These designs “peek” out from underneath clothing. Peekaboo tattoos add a touch of mystery and a hint of sex appeal.

Here’s another cute peekaboo design that is a visual segway to the next design trend on this list.

6. Minimalist & Black Ink

Characterized by simplicity and balance, minimalist tattoo designs are huge right now. Many are completed using only black ink.

Often, minimalist designs will consist of abstract shapes like dots and dashes. Simplicity is bliss! Or is it? Our next trend is the polar opposite of minimalism.

5. Hyperrealist & Bursting with Color

Bo big or bold or go home, right? Hyperrealism is photorealism on steroids that tends to look more like a photograph with a magnifying glass put to it than how images appear in real life.

Good tattooers possess plenty of skills, but it takes a certain type of artist to properly execute hyperrealistic designs. It also takes a great deal of patience on the part of the person getting the work done. They will need to sit for a while for it to be completed.

4. Everyday Objects

Modern objects tattooed in a simple style are very hot right now. Coffee mugs, spoons, telephones, and condiment bottles are finding their way onto peoples’ skin.

The simpler the better with this trend. Reminiscent of Dadaism or the Found Art movement, these ubiquitous objects become stunning works of art.

3. Korean Tattoo Artists

In South Korea, it’s not exactly legal to be a tattoo artist but this isn’t stopping some from producing some of the most incredible tattoos on Earth. Korean tattoo artists are in demand and before the pandemic, they are flying all around the world to decorate eager fans.

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It’s likely that most of the trends on this list have originated or been reenergized by Korean artists. People are obsessed and the artists have thousands of followers on social media.

2. Stick-and-Poke & Grunge

Stick-and-poke or S&P tattoos are an old form of tattooing that many artists still practice today. Some S&P tatts are extremely clean and tidy, while others have an undeniable Grunge aesthetic.

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Most amateur artists experiment with stick-and-poke because all you need is a needle and some ink. Some people refer to them as “prison-style.” We love them.

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1. Mashup Aesthetics

Combining modern color sensibilities with classic designs is a growing trend. You’ll see traditional or neotraditional designs with wild and vibrant colors.

By not following the “rules” or adhering to the constraints of a certain style, artists are creating completely unique and new styles of tattooing. The image above uses traditional linework, but the ombre effect gives the tattoo a super fresh feel.

Which trend are you most excited to try? We hope you enjoyed these designs and that they inspire you to patronize your local tattoo shop who is probably in desperate need of business right now. Tatt it up!


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