25 Amazing Superhero Tattoos to Geek Out Over

The popularity of comics and superheroes has exploded over the last twenty years. We now have billion-dollar, blockbuster movie franchises that appeal to more people than ever on a global scale. More popularity means more die-hard fans and some of them are showing their love for superheroes through their tattoos. These superhero-inspired tattoos range from downright impressive to incredibly creative. No matter if you’re a personal fan of Marvel or DC, there’s something nerdy for everyone to love in this list. It’s time to get that Spidey-sense tingling! Here are our absolute favorite superhero tattoos.

A Colorful Flash

Viewed through the frame of The Flash’s iconic lightning bolt, this portrait of Barry Allen is stunning. The “scarlet speedster” is an extremely popular superhero tattoo and the comic, The Flash is apparently inspiring a ton of fans.

A Wonderful Woman

Merciful Minerva! This very creative tattoo design looks almost like a watercolor painting. What a subtle way to pay tribute to one of DC’s most popular superheroes.

Lil’ Captain America

This baby Avenger is so sweet! Captain America can run a mile in a minute. How fast do you think this little guy is?

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Super “Patch”

This is a really visually interesting tattoo. The tattoo artist has done a great job of making the Superman symbol look like a real patch (just for skin!). The photorealism is out of this world. just like Superman himself!

Batman and Watchmen

Bruce Wayne doesn’t have any superpowers, but he looks formidable in this tattoo. The design includes batman holding a symbol from Watchmen and it’s a bit of a fun mashup of two beloved comics.

A Friend of Arkham

While we’re talking the Caped Crusader, here’s a look at a very creepy supervillain. He’s also been called Professor Rance, Scarebeast, Ichabod Crane, Master of Fear, Prince of Panic, Schrocken, and Yellow Lantern. This fan certainly leaned into the madness with this tattoo.

The Spider’s Web

“Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” just got a whole lot more stylish with this creative take on the masked superhero. All the web-heads of the world should make a note of this tattoo. It’s a fun one.

Hulk Smash!

Someone really used their imagination with this silly tattoo which puts the power of The Hulk’s fist within reach. The Hulk is known for packing people into the ground with his giant green fist and we’d venture to say, the person with this tattoo now possesses the same power.

Wonder Woman

This is a sweet tattoo of the Wonder Woman symbol surrounded by flowers. One thing about comic book fans is they tend to favor lots of vibrant colors, so this superhero tattoo is very unique.

Marvelous Friends

Spider-Man made his first appearance in 1962, that’s 58 years of staying power. We think it’s safe to say the person with this amazing Spider-Man tattoo will never live to regret getting it.

The Wolverine

Finally, we got some X-Men representation on the list! This firey portrait of Wolverine with his adamantium claws sure is hot. Many people don’t know this, but Wolverine first appeared in an Incredible Hulk comic.

Look Out America

This Captain America tattoo clearly looked to actor Chris Evans for inspiration! This photorealistic tattoo looks just like him!

Hammer Time

Another comic book movie, another Chris. This tattoo looked at the actor who portrays Thor in the films, Chris Hemsworth. This is another super realistic looking tattoo and we love that it was achieved in black and grey.

Joke’s on You

This Joker tattoo looks like it was ripped right from the film’s poster. In case you couldn’t tell, they’ve looked to Joaquin Phoenix and his portrayal of Arthur Fleck to inform the design.

Lil’ Groot

The cutest thing about Guardians of the Galaxy was the little tree character, Groot. This tattoo catches the character’s eyes so impressively.

The Doctor Will See You Now

If you would have told us people were going around getting tattoos of Benedict Cumberbatch’s face, we would have laughed. Joke’s on us. This photorealistic tattoo of Doctor Strange is one of the oddest ones on the list.

Thanos Knows

Only the most powerful being in existence, Thanos, could look this menacing on a bicep. The dramatic colors of this tattoo and intense shading look incredible.

Trident, Didn’t Like It

This Aquaman tattoo is a little different because this person decided to get the character’s weapon, the trident. Superhero tattoos don’t have to feature an actual superhero, their symbols, weapons, and aspects of their costumes all make for great tattoos.


Not going to lie, Venom freaks us out. Something about that mouth is just so unsettling. We love the liquid details which almost look smokey in this design.


Comic book legend Stan Lee is a cultural touchstone and he’s even appeared in many of the Marvel movies over the years. Stan Lee’s creativity is captured in this interesting design. We love how the artist rendered the mustache and hair.

Voracious Venom

Again, we’re freaked out. People love their Venom tattoos and we think it has something to do with the level of detail an artist can bring to them. These very busy and intricate designs are thrilling.

Superman Realness

He only has eyes for you! This tattoo features Superman destroying chains with his laser eyes. We love the depth of field effect the tattoo has because of the chain being in the foreground.

Baby Spiderman

In case you needed a laugh, imagined Spider-Man as a toddler flying through the air thanks to his spiderwebbing. As you can see, baby spiderman is as adorable as all the other miniature superheroes out there.

A Clown Around

Do you remember those creepy oil paintings of clowns that your weird relative had? This Joker tattoo design very much reminds us of those. However, we’re not laughing about it.

A Deadpool

Deadpool is a favorite superhero tattoo, and we saw many of the same types of design when we were researching comic-inspired tattoos. This photorealistic tattoo is by far the best one we came across. The detail, the highlighting, and the sharp lines really make this tattoo a standout.

Fandom has evolved over the years with people being more open about their nerdy interests than ever before. Comic books, graphic novels, cartoons, and live-action movies are all rich with stunning visuals of superheroes doing inspiring things. They’re also a home for supervillains to leave a haunting impression. With such a bank of inspiration to pull from, superhero tattoos are so exciting and varied.

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