Amy Schumer Never Resented Being Pregnant But She Admitted She Resented How Many Women Lied About It in Her New Documentary

Amy Schumer Never Resented Being Pregnant But She Admitted She Resented How Many Women Lied About It in Her New Documentary

“I don’t resent being pregnant.” Expecting Amy is a passion project Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer created in which the comedian documents the majority of her nine months of pregnancy. From learning she was pregnant for the first time to her intense battle with hyperemesis gravidarum, fans got a first-hand look at all the emotions, obstacles, and delight pregnancy brought Amy and Chris.

From the first episode, all the way through to the third and final episode, fans got an honest look at a woman who continued to work through her pregnancy as well as her struggle with extreme morning sickness. Morning sickness that did just happen during her first trimester but continued up until the moment she had a cesarean section on May 6, 2019, when she met her beloved son Gene David Fischer.

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Amy Schumer Gets Real About Her Difficult Pregnancy in New Documentary ‘Expecting Amy

The documentary is divided into three parts, Conception, Gestation, and Birth. And while it walks her fans through from the moment she learned she was pregnant to when she and Chris became parents for the first time, as well as her drive to continue working for most of her pregnancy, perhaps the best part about the documentary is that it is raw and it is real.

It was the rawness and realness that Schumer admittedly wasn’t shown prior to her pregnancy and now she wants to be that woman for other women who are hopeful to carry their own child and become mothers one day.

During the first episode of Expecting Amy, Schumer admitted that although she started experiencing morning sickness during her first trimester, she didn’t really mind it because she knew what her nausea ultimately meant. “First day puking,” she said as she took a video of herself in a hotel bathroom while on tour.

“That’s exciting. Okay so, so far, I’m a little over five weeks pregnant. I was feeling good and then the last four days I feel like I have the flu all day. I feel nauseous every morning, but this is the first morning I got up and just puked a bunch. It’s kind of exciting like I don’t really mind it knowing what it’s going to be for.”

However, it was at 11 weeks when everyone around her began to grow concerned with just how sick she really was. Then at 14 weeks, days into her second trimester, Schumer was still sick, but hyperemesis gravidarum wasn’t something she was aware of until she was hospitalized the first time in her pregnancy.

“I’ve been very sick. Part of me feels like I’m so proud to be doing stand up right now and shoot a special but, but really I’m like, I don’t know how I’m going to f*cking do it. I’m having a really hard time,” Schumer admitted while talking one on one to her cell phone camera. “I have a new respect for everyone who has gone through this. I didn’t know that you got so sick for so much of your pregnancy. Is that stupid? I didn’t know that.”

Then towards the last few minutes of the first part of the documentary, Schumer was asked if she was feeling any resentment towards her upcoming work projects or even resentment towards her pregnancy being that it hadn’t been the otherworldly journey she expected.

In her response, she admitted that she resents all the lies around pregnancy.

“I don’t resent being pregnant. I resent everyone who hasn’t been honest. Like I resent the culture of how much women have to suck it the f*ck up and act like everything is fine. I really resent that.”

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And that honestly continues throughout the documentary but so did her excitement about becoming a mom. “I don’t wish I wasn’t pregnant. I’m still happy being pregnant even while I’m throwing up.”

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