13 Funny ‘Apologize Like a Man’ Tweets That Prove Men Are the Worst at Saying Sorry

Apologizing like a man may bring to mind a mature apology where the offender owns up to his mistakes and lets you know how sorry he is for his transgressions. Unfortunately, people have many, many examples of men offering up the classic non-apology because men, apparently, just can’t apologize.

Now, it can be very hard to humbly take responsibility for your mistakes, but that doesn’t excuse the below examples of poor apologies, which we’ve all heard at one time or another. Here are a few of our favorite so-bad-they’re-good apologies.

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13 Funny “Apologize Like a Man” Tweets That Prove Men Will Say Anything Before They Say ‘I’m Sorry’

Oh, how very helpful.

Crazy idea – you could actually apologize?!

Your boyfriend was just hoping you’d get over it.

Spoiler alert: You didn’t.

Obviously this is not my fault.

Would a snack help?

This isn’t my fault.

You’re just too emotional.

What does that even mean?

I can’t possibly do something I know nothing about.

Ugh, let’s just get beyond this point.

Um, we can’t because you haven’t said you’re sorry.

Ah, the famous non-apology.

Always a classic.

Yeah, but I have reasons for behaving so badly.

Point #1.

It’s all a game of chicken.

Who will apologize first?!

Maybe she won’t remember what happened?

Just going to exit this situation for a bit.

The old pretending nothing happened move.

Let’s just all move on, ok?

He’ll get to you in the end.

Hard to hide a smile in a bear hug.


You think I wasn’t calm before – just you wait.

People apologize in many different ways. Of course, there are men – and women – that can take the heat and more easily own up to their mistakes. Sometimes the simplest option is the best one. When in doubt, go with the classic “I’m sorry.” It should do just the trick.

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