25 Funny Dad Fails That Prove Parenthood is Harder for Some Than Others

Oh, dads. They try so hard! Fathers put in so much effort! But, unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Actually, parenting is just nothing ever going as planned. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at one of our favorite genres of internet content: dad fails. Of course, moms make mistakes too, but the ways dads seem to screw stuff up is always much funnier. Perhaps it’s a general lack of common sense?

We took a deep dive into the big dumb world of dads unsuccessfully completing tasks and poorly parenting. You might think you know all the ways to fail at a certain task, but these dads will help you broaden the horizons of insufficiency. Each one of these images has a story to tell and a warning to heed, so take note and learn to do better, guys. Here are 25 hilarious dad fails that should make you feel a little bit better about how you’re parenting.

Dad VS Buckle

“*Warning* don’t leave a new daddy to buckle in the baby,” this person wrote as the caption for this photo. Now, take a long, hard look at this image. Does this in any way look remotely safe to you? Take a breath and try again.

Dad VS Sand

Sand can be very difficult to walk in which is why you should pay extra attention when balancing a child on your shoulders while traversing it. The dad who shared this image included the caption, “I’m not a perfect person.”

Dad VS Crafts

“One arts-and-crafts bin, two kids, divided attention,” this dad writes. All it takes is a second! Crafts are important to help children learn and develop, they might seem innocent enough, but they can break any parent.

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Dad VS Shoes

Dad was in charge of the shoe and outfit situation before his daughter’s first team practice. Notice, something’s not right here. Apparently, attention to detail was left off the requirements to become a dad.

Dad VS Morning

“The husband solution to keeping the 2-year-old in his room past 6am,” the mom who shared this image wrote. Not only does this look extremely unsafe, but it also seems almost inhumane. However, the writer of this list does not have a toddler.

Dad VS Cabinets

“I turned around for one second,” dad wrote. A second is all it takes for a child to ruin your entire life.

Dad VS Pajamas

“3rd kid and he’s still putting their jammies on backward,” the mom wrote. Apparently, you don’t live and learn. The mantra: just keep failing.

Dad VS Sleep

“When you accidentally leave your flash on while taking a picture of your sleeping child,” dad writes. It’s happened to the best of us! But, if you value sleep and your own sanity, you’ll take note of this dad’s fail.

Dad VS Jumping

“R.I.P shorts.” Yes, a fatherhood journey isn’t complete until a pair of pants gets split. Goodbye, basic khaki shorts. You served him well.

Dad VS Fly

“Her dad thought it would be funny to kill a fly on [his daughter’s] phone… well, not so much!” a mom writes. Yes, he can laugh all the way to the local Verizon store.

Dad VS Basketball

“When dad puts too much air in the ball before a game,” someone wrote will also describing the “loud boom” it made when it exploded. There’s no need to pump thinks up to the point of disaster, dads.

Dad VS Microwave

“When it’s the morning of school photos and your son has a nose bleed all over his school shirt so you wash it but need it to dry quickly, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT believe the internet when it says you can microwave a damp shirt to dry it,” a dad warns other dads. Take heed.

Dad VS Cake

“I may have dropped a Lacroix 12-pack on the cake at the store,” one dad explained. Lesson: nasty fizzy drinks will be our society’s downfall.

Dad VS Icing

“She said to make a cake with the boys,” one dad wrote. We’re not entirely sure what this is, but we’re not getting a cake from it. All we see is sad.

Dad VS Shrubs

Well, this dad explains he wanted to leave the beaten path and go “off-road.” The plan was quickly stopped in its tracks due to some very fluffy bushes.

Dad VS Sand

“I built Maddie a sand slide,” dad explained. “I was the catcher. I forgot.” Poor, Maddie. We hope she forgives him.

Dad VS Pie

Multitasking is not something dads often accel at. Case in point: everything they’ve ever done in a kitchen.

Dad VS Omelet

This dad tried to recreate a “unicorn omelet” for his child. Clearly, this did not go as planned. We hope his child settled for the demon omelet instead.

Dad VS Hair

“How can something seem so simple be such a bugger?” one dad asked. Hair ties are an essential skill.

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Dad VS Pizza

“Kids decided they wanted a frozen pizza tonight so like always I popped it on the oven rack and set the timer,” one dad wrote. “Well if I would have read the box I would have seen that Freschetta pizzas need to be put on a pan ????‍♂️. Good news is I got most of it on that cookie sheet and was still edible.” Okay…

Dad VS Bike

“Not sure if she’s thrown herself on the floor due to daddy’s bad attempt at being funny, or coz he’s taken her bike and she’s having a tantrum,” one mom wrote. Either way, it doesn’t seem like that little one is enjoying herself.


“Supporting my local restaurant now by getting takeout,” a dad captioned this photo. Thankfully, he didn’t try to serve his family he’d burned to the point of it being charcoal briquettes.

Dad VS Swimming

Well, this isn’t a good look. Never lie about the swim diapers, okay?

Dad VS Crêpe

On the left, you’ll find a dad’s attempt at a “pancake.” On the right, you’ll find his 11-year-old daughter’s. Which one would you rather eat?

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Dad VS Freshness

A mom shared this image of how her husband put away a bag of chips. “At least he tried—ish?” That’s generous.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these 25 funny dad fails. If you’re a dad, we love you. We understand you’re doing your best, but honestly, it could be better.

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