Fall in Love with These 25 Adorable Baby Names Perfect for Apple Picking Season

There’s a certain charm about autumn that sparks creativity, especially when choosing baby names. As the leaves turn crisp and vibrant and apple-picking season is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to think about names that carry the essence of this magical season. Whether you’re expecting a little one or love the idea of names inspired by apple orchards, this list has something for everyone.

Each name on this list has been carefully selected for its unique connection to the fall season and the heartwarming tradition of apple picking. From names that are directly inspired by the apple varieties to those that reflect the warm hues and cozy feelings associated with autumn, these names are as delightful and charming as a basket full of freshly picked apples. So get ready to be enchanted by these 25 adorable baby names.

Kicking Things off with Apple Names Containing the Latin Root Pom


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Pomeline is a darling French name from a Latin root that means “little apple.” Pomeline is rare, even in its native France today.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Pomana names the Roman goddess of fruit trees. Like many of the appellations on this list, it contains the Latin root pom, meaning “apple.” We wish we heard more Pomana.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Pom is an excellent name for baby boys, but it could also work for girls. It could be a great alternative to Tom or Pam. Pom is a French diminutive name that means “apple.”


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Pomme is a French name for girls. Sometimes heard as a pet name, Pomme is a rare choice, even in France today. This one also means “apple.”


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Pomeroy has been used as an English surname since the eleventh century. As a given name, it has potential for boys, thanks to the Roy ending. This is a habitational appellation that means “dweller by the apple orchard.”

Other Apple Baby Names to Consider


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Let’s get right to the point. Apple is one of the celebrity baby names that we are surprised have not taken off. Apple is a cute and crisp name that we think works for any baby, but when it is chosen, it is given to more baby girls than boys.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Quince is a unisex name of Latin origin that means “apple-like fruit.” Historically, Quince has been used as a short form of Quincy for boys. We love this appellation for any baby.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Melora sounds like a smoosh name combining Melissa and Laura. Melora is an ancient name of Greek origin that means “golden apple.”


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

To pronounce this one correctly, say al-MEE-la. The appellation comes from Turkish and means “red apple.” With the popularity of Camilla and Mila, Almila could be the perfect alternative. This name is given exclusively to baby girls.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Chamomile is a warm and cozy name that boasts the same calming properties as the tea made from its flowers. The name means “earth apple.” This appellation is rare, but it is typically given to girls when it is used.

Seasonal Baby Names That Remark on Harvest Time


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Anona was once a mildly popular name in the US, but that has not been the case since 1905! Anona names the Roman goddess of harvest and grain. The root of this appellation means “corn” or “grain.”


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Anker is a Scandinavian name, a noble and popular option in Denmark today. The root of the name means “harvester.”


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Theresa is the English form of the Spanish name Teresa, meaning “to harvest.” Before the 1970s, the name was in the top 50 for decades. Since then, it has fallen out of the top 1000 most popular baby names for girls in the US.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Osiris’ root means “with strong eyesight,” which is curious. Like many other harvest deities, he is said to die and be reborn yearly. Osiris has emerged as a mildly popular baby name in the US in recent years.

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Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Arista is found in both Greek and Latin a reference to the goddess of harvest. This name means “the best,” as it is the root that brings us the word aristocrat. It also translates to “ear of corn.”


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Berwin is a name of English origin that means “harvest-time friend” or “bright friend.” The appellation is rare today, even in its country of origin. Berwin is typically given to boys, but it could be a gender-neutral option.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

One of the most storied Roman goddesses, Ceres, is the goddess of the harvest. So tied to it, the name actually means “nourishment.” The root of this appellation brings us the word cereal. There are two correct pronunciations of this name, and they are very different: SEER-eez or KEH-ress.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Demeter is the Greek counterpart to Ceres. She is also the goddess of harvest and grain. Her name means “earth mother.”


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Lugh is the Irish god of the harvest, who also rules over truth, the law, and the arts. His magic includes a fiery spear and a boat that sails itself. He is celebrated in a pagan festival called Lughnasa. While most will likely assume Lou, Lugh is a name worth defending. It has never been popular in the US, which feels utterly unreal to us.

Autumnal Baby Names to Also Check Out


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Most American parents have never heard the pleasant boy’s name, Sarad, but we bet they would use it if they knew it! Sarad is a name of Hindi origin that means “born in Autumn.” Let’s show this name some love, folks!


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

One of the Hebrew names for girls that has flown completely under the radar of most American parents is Jora. This unique appellation means “autumn rain.” We would love to hear this name more often in classrooms and on playgrounds. It is a real winner that no other girl in your daughter’s class will have.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Russell originated in French as a name that means “redhead” or “fox-colored.” Russell has been a popular name for boys in the US for over 100 years, but it has been trending down over the last two decades. With its red meaning, Russell could easily describe an apple.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Marigold is one of the perfect fall flower names that new parents have begun to embrace. The name is of English origin and means “golden flower.” Marigold flowers have long been associated with the Virgin Mary as a symbol of her warmth and purity. Marigold flowers are beloved and bloom through the early months of fall. That makes Marigold a spectacular autumn baby name for your baby girl.


Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Crispin captures the crispy leaves of fall, the crisp feel of the cool air, and the crisp crunch of a freshly picked apple. Crispin originated in Latin as a name that means “curly hair.” This name has never been popular in the US, and it deserves more love from parents today.

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Baby Names for Apple Picking Season

Avalon comes from the Celtic tradition and means “island of apples.” It’s a paradise found in Arthurian legend. This appellation is starting to land on new parents’ radars, but it is still rare. If you like Ava and Evelyn, Avalon offers the best of both worlds.

We hope this list of 25 adorable baby names has filled your heart with warmth and inspiration. Whether you’re about to welcome a new addition to your family or just daydreaming about future possibilities, remember that each name carries a unique story and charm – much like every apple in the orchard. So, let the spirit of this enchanting season guide you, and perhaps one of these names will find a special place in your family’s story. Happy apple and name picking!

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