Bridesmaid Tells Bride That the Idea of Putting Vials of Dad’s Ashes In Their Bouquets Is Weird—But Is It?

With weddings comes many traditions. Traditions like having your father walk you down the aisle, sharing a first dance with your groom, and many more.

However, because one bride had lost her beloved father before her highly anticipated wedding day, she wanted to do something special to make sure her father was being appropriately honored. But what she had come up with is causing people to have opinions.

Bridesmaid Tells Bride That the Idea of Putting Vials of Dad's Ashes In Their Bouquets Is Weird—But Is It?

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Bridesmaid Tells Bride That It’s Weird She Want to PUT Vials of Dad’s Ashes In Their Bouquets

According to one of her bridesmaids, the bride’s father was cremated after his passing and now she wants each member of her wedding party to carry vials filled with his ashes down the aisle. The bridesmaid admitted in a since-deleted Reddit post that she finds the “creative” gesture kind of creepy, CafeMom reports.

As the Reddit post reveals, the bride was hit very hard by her dad’s passing following a long battle with cancer several years ago. The bridesmaid learned about her friend’s plan when the bride showed her the bouquet she and her bridal party would walk down the aisle with. 

Inside each bouquet would be a vial of her father’s ashes. “She’s also adding little cards so that people know it’s his ashes,” the bridesmaid wrote.

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However, when she was honest with the bride about how she felt about the vials, that she found it “a little weird,” the bride got very upset. “Her friends started freaking out at me saying, ‘It’s beautiful,’ and ‘Such an original idea,’ and ‘His spirit will be with everyone’ at the wedding.”

“I think it’s fine if she wanted it in her bouquet so he’s ‘there with her but I just don’t see why the ashes need to be in the bridesmaid bouquets if we’ve never met him or in all the centerpiece bouquets. […] I’m autistic and always screw up what I say because I can never read the room,” the woman shared. “I should also add I’m not grossed out by the ashes and am not refusing to carry a bouquet with it or sit at the table. I’ll do whatever she wants, I just think it’s weird.”

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Now the friend is wondering if she was in the wrong for being honest about how she felt about the vials. However, a lot of people said they understood where the bridesmaid was coming from.

And some commenters brought up the point that now all of the bridesmaids are responsible for those vials of ashes. “Especially if alcohol is involved. I’ve seen many times where the centerpieces are destroyed by the end of the night by the drunk and the bored,” one commenter wrote. “A vial or necklace for herself would be safer and more meaningful, really.”

Bridesmaid Tells Bride That the Idea of Putting Vials of Dad's Ashes In Their Bouquets Is Weird—But Is It?

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But there were some who saw it from the bride’s point of view as well. “I think the bride should be allowed to want what she wants,” someone else wrote. “If the bridesmaids are uncomfortable, they have the choice to raise their concerns and help look for a compromise, or if this is really that big a deal for them, drop out.”

As for how the bridesmaid could smooth things over with the bride if she wanted to, some people wrote that all she would have to do is apologize and let her know where she was coming from and that she plans on supporting her and her decisions.

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