‘What Essential Oil Should I Use to Really Enhance My Emotional Breakdown?’ and 24 Other Hilarious Parenting Tweets by @BunAndLeggings

When you’re a mom of four, you have to find humor in the messier moments of parenting. Thankfully, @BunandLeggings is letting us all in on the fun with her hilarious tweets.

If you need to commiserate over the latest tantrum or mom fail, look no further than mom Marcy’s Twitter account. We have curated our favorite LOL moments from this always clever, always tweeting mama.

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25 Hilarious Tweets From @BunAndLeggings Mama Marcy G

'What Essential Oil Should I Use to Really Enhance My Emotional Breakdown?' and 24 Other Hilarious Parenting Tweets by @BunAndLeggings

Little Loungers

We haven’t put on actual pants in months, so who are we to judge this lifestyle?

The Great Outdoors

Should we also start foraging for berries?

Professional Relaxation

You have to respect the level of confidence this child is throwing down.

Gold Medal Mama

You don’t know the pain until you’ve pulled a hamstring on the way to the bathroom.

Pack Your Patience

Award for the least appetizing picnic goes to these kiddos.

Pure Magic

If only we could all be so dazzled by the little miracles, like frozen water!

Snack Attack

The lengths they’ll go through to get those Cheddar Bunnies.

Open Dialogue

Pretty sure we all have an advanced degree in Pokemon at this point.

Hand Soap, Please

When it comes to bathroom independence, the results can be terrifying.

Lavender, Perhaps?

Now that you mention it, we’re also looking for an exhaustion enhancement.

Thomas Therapy

Please don’t judge me, Thomas.

Fine Line

Let’s start with a hug and go from there, little monsters.

Those Fries Tho

It’s so tough to let those delicious chicken fingers go to waste!

Bed Rocked

Lesson learned… always inquire when a “collection” is being formed.

What A Peach

How can you keep a straight face through this one?

Time Management

Imagine the miles you could cover while they “clean” their rooms?

Ego Boost

You should see me cut out shapes!

Desperate Times

Quarantine calls for us all to tap into new life skills, even if our littlest customers sometimes pay the price.

Mental Gymnastics

There is nothing more exhausting than thinking about all of the things that you SHOULD be doing.

Hanging On By A Thread

Watching those little fingers struggle can send anyone over the edge.

Sleepy Energies

We get it, but when are those energies going to take a nap?

Enough 2020

This year is just dishing out more than we can all take.

DJ Daniel Is Fire

Is it surprising that a cartoon tiger throws down the hottest beats?

Cheese Crazy

Ok, so one quesadilla, hold the cheese? Coming right up.

Pound Puppies

At least there will be less vacuuming required, no?

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