Dad Creates Quarantine Slide in Home for Kids... You Just Need Boxes and Tape

Dad Creates Quarantine Slide in Home for Kids… You Just Need Boxes and Tape

People are loving this one dad’s creativity and what he was able to create for his kids to keep them entertained while in quarantine. As many parents have experienced over the last month in a half, keeping your children entertained and busy while stuck at home all day long is a difficult task.

Now one dad is sharing his quarantine secret with the rest of the world so that other parents can learn of a new way to keep their kids entertained. And all you need is a staircase, cardboard boxes, and packing tape.

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In a YouTube video shared by Be Kreativ, depending on whether or not you already have the supplies lying around in your home or if you need to purchase the boxes and tape, the total project could run you about 30 dollars.

Here’s a breakdown of Be Kreativ’s YouTube video:

First, open cardboard box number 1 and cut from the top right-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner.

Next, tape the left-hand side of the box to the wall and then grab your second box.

The second box doesn’t require any cutting, simply tape the bottom flap of the first box to the bottom flap of the second box. And also fashion that second box to the wall. Then, tape the right and left sides of the first and second boxes together.

Be Kreativ/YouTube

Next, overlay the bottom flaps of the second box and with the top flaps of the third box. And tape. Repeat this step until you get to the bottom of the staircase.

Once you get to the end of the staircase, layer two boxes at the bottom of the makeshift slide to ensure a smooth landing.

As the creator explained, he used about 14 boxes and two roles of tape to create this particular slide. “This is something fun you can do during quarantine time,” the dad wrote on YouTube. “Make sure to do all of those things that all YouTubers ask you to do… Be Kreativ is a channel where I will be building new things and posting them for your viewing pleasure!”

Be Kreativ/YouTube

Finally, after layering two boxes at the bottom of the slide, take a third box, cut it open, and lay it over the layered boxes while tucking the flaps inside the boxes that make up the tube portion of the slide.

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Then do that one more time for extra protection. And there you have it! How awesome is this?

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