15 Times Our Furry Friends Got Hilariously Dog-Shamed

Dogs are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is without strain. There are so many shoes to chew on after all! When your four-legged friend does some casual destruction of your belongings you can get back at him with some classic dog-shaming on the internet.

In honor of some of the most hilarious yet shameful moments of a dog’s life, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite dog-shaming moments.

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15 Times Dogs Were Hilariously Dog-Shamed

Just tap-dancing away without a care in the world with your favorite stuffy.

We all need some time alone to relax.

This is my big moment – finally!

Oh, I truly thought this day was about me. Apologies.

That water looks so tranquil. Can’t wait to jump in.


Grandma gave me dessert EVERY night!

Can you tell?

I admit I have a problem.

I just can’t help it.

Couldn’t have just done it at home, huh?

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It was horrible #dogshaming #itwasgrim

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Tough day for everyone.

The playground can be a tough place.

You’ve gotta stand up for yourself, kid.

Friends sometimes encourage the worst behavior.

It’s bound to happen at some point.

It’s just his way of saying “thank you.”

So very relaxed.

What can I say, I saw an opportunity.

I regret nothing.

Very unintentional consequence of playtime.

I’ll replace it ASAP.

I honestly don’t see it.

Not getting hurt too badly, so what’s the big deal?

Seems like a fair fight.

The little one gets scrappy though.

I regret the decision, honestly.

Definitely won’t happen again.

Caught in the act again.

It won’t happen again…until tomorrow.

Dogs offer wonderful companionship and bring so much joy to our lives. They just also may eat your garbage and pee on the rug sometimes. All relationships come with sacrifices, right?

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