Gerber Announces Another Historical Moment As They Pick Baby Magnolia to Be the Next Face of Their Company

And the child named as the official Gerber Baby of 2020 is none other than Magnolia Earl! Every year, for the last 10 years, the baby food and products retailer selects a child to be the face of the Gerber company, and this year it is a 1-year-old little girl who was adopted by her parents in 2019.

On May 9, PopSugar reports, Magnolia turned 1 year old. And the fact that she is adopted makes her title as Gerber Baby 2020 historical.

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In 92 years, Magnolia is the first-ever adopted baby to be featured in a Gerber campaign.

“At Gerber, we have always recognized that every baby is a Gerber baby. In the 10 years, we have hosted Photo Search, we have been proud to feature babies of diverse backgrounds. This year is no exception by featuring Magnolia, our first adopted Gerber Spokesbaby,” the company said in a statement issued to Today.

And as her mom, Courtney Earl told Today, she finds the whole thing to be “incredible” and that she couldn’t be more proud to have her daughter be the face of not only Gerber products but the face of blended families everywhere.

“It means that when people see our families, or if you see a family that doesn’t necessarily match, that you don’t have to question the belonging of anybody in that family.” And as Magnolia’s father, Russell Earl added they are a “family built on love. We may all look different, but we’re one family.”

Courtney and Russell also have two older daughters, 12-year-old Whitney and 8-year-old Charlotte, who they also adopted. And as the proud mom told Today, she and Russell aren’t the heroes in this story for adopting Magnolia, her biological parents are.

“We celebrate adoption in our family every single day. The real hero in this story are Magnolia’s birth parents. They chose her life, and they sent her on this incredible journey.”

gerber announces another historical moment as they pick baby magnolia to be the next face of their company | "it means that when people see our families, or if you see a family that doesn't necessarily match, that you don't have to question the belonging of anybody in that family."

In fact, Magnolia’s biological parents were some of the first people they notified when they learned on Thursday that she was a finalist.

“If you could hear the joy in their voice of how proud they are of this little girl. Together with them and our community and our family, we all this love this baby girl so much,” Courtney told Today, while Russell added, “She brings so much joy and happiness to everybody.”

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As a result of being named this year’s Gerber Baby, Magnolia will not only be featured in this year’s campaigns, but her family will also receive a “$25,000 prize, $1,000 worth of Gerber Childrenswear, $1,000 from Walmart, and phones with a year of unlimited free service from Verizon.”

Congratulations Magnolia!

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