10 Very Funny Kid Drawings We Just Cannot Stop Laughing At

You know the moment when your child presents their latest work of art and you have to stifle laughter? Whether they are outing our love of wine, drawing unintentionally phallic images, or including unfortunate misspellings, funny kid drawings and art are some of life’s greatest pleasures.

Instagram never fails us when it comes to hilarious parenting moments. If you’re in need of a good laugh, check out these hilarious masterpieces from the tiniest artists on social media.

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10 Very Funny Kid Drawings and Artwork We Love


We’re pretty sure this wasn’t exactly how things went down in the story of Zaccheaus climbing up the sycamore tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus. Kudos to this little one for turning the drama up a bit.

What Big Sleeves You Have

Oh my, we were fooled as well! Those aren’t two well-endowed women doing ballet together, but instead two ladies with extremely puffy sleeves. Keep dancing and drawing, innocent children.

Beach Day Sequel

She’s not wrong. This is exactly what our beach day turns into when the kids won’t stop throwing sand at each other and refuse to put on their sunscreen.

Mom’s Favorite Pasttime

They love to tell it like it is, don’t they? We’re guessing that this is only going to fuel mom’s passion for wine time.

It’s A Light Saber

Why are our children’s drawings always so phallic? Not even Darth Vader is safe when it comes to kid art.

My Best Friend Forever

It’s it beautiful how they really capture our essence? We could happily walk hand-in-hand with a burrito any day.

Keeping It Real

We’re still LOLing at this four-year-old’s reaction to using Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap for the first time!

The Old Princess

Career goals. There is no shame in knowing and advocating for exactly what you want in this life.

Oh My Mama

Children are experts when it comes to capturing the anxiety in our eyes and the frustration in our frown. Consider this our new LinkedIn profile photo.

What A Sweetheart

How hilarious is this angelic girl’s declaration of love? We’re guessing her family will never let her live this one down.

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