25 Very Funny Pregnancy Memes About the Not-So-Funny Parts of Being Pregnant

There are lots of realities about pregnancy that aren’t all that fun — you gain weight, you have new aches and pains, your back hurts. Of course, there’s also the fact that you gain a wonderful new addition to your family at the end of your pregnancy that makes up for all the not-so-positive elements.

When you’re feeling a bit down about pregnancy, take a look at the memes below which will have you laughing instead of crying about your current state.

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15 Very Funny Memes That Sum Up the Not-So-Funny Parts of Pregnancy

So very happy to be pregnant…

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@ellahairah (Source)

But also counting down the days until I don’t feel like
vomiting regularly.

Honestly, if I wasn’t so tired, I’d yell.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@jessicalynnise (Source)

In short, though, it’s not the same thing.

What is this “glow” you speak of?

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@the.mommybox (Source)

Haven’t had the chance to experience that yet.

You are gorgeous, mama!

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@jessicalynnise (Source)

Whether you look more like the right or left.

It truly feels like the baby is dropping out at any time.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@momwithaboysname (Source)

Just kidding! This feeling can last for weeks.

It turns out it’s very hard to bend down after a certain point.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@mercykey (Source)

Just going to have to let that stuff go I guess.

Why am I hot allllll the time?!

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@hatch_athletic (Source)

Would love to just sit in a cool pool for the remainder of
this pregnancy.

Good advice for anyone currently around you.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@bco_care (Source)

Just don’t, ok – I just don’t know what I’ll be craving

Due to mom brain, I don’t remember what I said.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@bigkidproblems (Source)

But I’m very sorry.

Just set me up right next to the bathroom.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@messijessi722 (Source)

May as well move in there at this point.

It’s just that everything tastes so good.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@zahrani.nursingwear (Source)

I can’t help it.

Tired all day and can’t sleep at night.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@saskhippiemomma (Source)

The story of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is so draining.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@brownnfrown_mama (Source)

Don’t make it any harder than it already is.

The glow is a result of my sweat actually.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@pharmedoc (Source)

And maybe all the ice cream I’m consuming. Don’t really know
for sure.

An Olympic Sport

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@twelvelittle (Source)

It takes months of training, blood, sweat, and tears. We feel it’s an appropriate comparison.

The After Effect

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@yellowstonememes (Source)

“I always remember you being bigger,” is the song all moms know about.


 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@macey.leathamrdn (Source)

Unfortunately, pregnancy comes at you so fast.

Great Expectations

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@i_am_a.hooker (Source)

It just keeps getting worse. We’re here for you though.


 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@saskhippiemomma (Source)

The mental distance that’s traveled from the start of pregnancy to its end is approximately 33 trips around the Earth.

The Feeling

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@my9moons (Source)

You’re going to make it, mama! You’re so close.

Every Day

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@ivf_got_this_baby (Source)

It’s what all the cool, expecting moms are doing these days.

New Rules

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@my9moons (Source)

When pregnant, anything you see is technically yours and no one can tell you otherwise.

Pregnancy Brain

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@maramemesss (Source)

Lasagna is the logical conclusion of many a pondering. Those cravings are something else!


 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@mommy._.memes (Source)

As far as we’re concerned, every last thing is a symptom of labor until that baby is actually birthed. We did not invent the rules and we can’t change them.

What did I do today? I got up, got a snack, and sat down.

 Funny Pregnancy Memes
@feedmemangoes (Source)

What’d you do?

Laughter is truly the best medicine so when you’re having a
tough time with pregnancy, take a moment to lighten things up. When your changing
body has got you down, take a moment to sit down and take a break – and laughing
about all the unexpected – but totally normal! – changes won’t hurt either.  

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