15 Very Funny Pregnancy Memes About the Not-So-Funny Parts of Being Pregnant

15 Very Funny Pregnancy Memes About the Not-So-Funny Parts of Being Pregnant

There are lots of realities about pregnancy that aren’t all that fun — you gain weight, you have new aches and pains, your back hurts. Of course, there’s also the fact that you gain a wonderful new addition to your family at the end of your pregnancy that makes up for all the not-so-positive elements.

When you’re feeling a bit down about pregnancy, take a look at the memes below which will have you laughing instead of crying about your current state.

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15 Very Funny Memes That Sum Up the Not-So-Funny Parts of Pregnancy

So very happy to be pregnant…

But also counting down the days until I don’t feel like vomiting regularly.

Honestly, if I wasn’t so tired, I’d yell.

In short, though, it’s not the same thing.

What is this “glow” you speak of?

Haven’t had the chance to experience that yet.

You are gorgeous, mama!

Whether you look more like the right or left.

It truly feels like the baby is dropping out at any time.

Just kidding! This feeling can last for weeks.

It turns out it’s very hard to bend down after a certain point.

Just going to have to let that stuff go I guess.

Why am I hot allllll the time?!

Would love to just sit in a cool pool for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Good advice for anyone currently around you.

Just don’t, ok – I just don’t know what I’ll be craving next.

Due to mom brain, I don’t remember what I said.

But I’m very sorry.

Just set me up right next to the bathroom.

May as well move in there at this point.

It’s just that everything tastes so good.

I can’t help it.

Tired all day and can’t sleep at night.

The story of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is so draining.

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Don’t make it any harder than it already is.

The glow is a result of my sweat actually.

And maybe all the ice cream I’m consuming. Don’t really know for sure.

What did I do today? I got up, got a snack and sat down.

What’d you do?

Laughter is truly the best medicine so when you’re having a tough time with pregnancy, take a moment to lighten things up. When your changing body has got you down, take a moment to sit down and take a break – and laughing about all the unexpected – but totally normal! – changes won’t hurt either.  

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