15 of the Funniest ‘Texts From Your Ex’ That Prove It’s OK That Some Love Dies

We could all use a good laugh right now, right? We strongly suggest taking a trip down the feed of Texts From Your Ex for a hilarious look at the thirstiest texts from exes to brighten your day.

Whether they were lonely or drunk, it’s never pretty when an ex reaches out and is immediately slapped down. Thanks to this super popular Instagram feed, every cringe-inducing moment has been captured and shared for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy these highlights and check yourself before texting your ex!

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15 Funny ‘Texts From Your Ex’

Decor Approval

Maybe don’t confess to driving by and admiring your ex’s home decor.

It’s Still Unclear

This ex isn’t bitter…. just unable to understand.

Netflix Forever Binds Us

Busted dabbling in the the ex Netflix account!

Out of Service

Message received loud and clear!

Return to Sender

We’re pretty sure you shouldn’t try to mail a heartfelt letter to this address.

Get Back, Stranger

We’re pretty sure ex has nothing more to say about the situation.

Eviction Notice

Please remove your belongings or authorities will be called.

Not Interested

You have to admit that the graphic is a nice touch.

A Good Day to U2

It truly is a beautiful day when you can brush off your ex so perfectly.

Cold-Blooded Snake

A breakup is great for improving one’s Photoshopping skills.

Bail Out

What a catch, right ladies?

Missed Call From Trash

We’re pretty sure this ex is not getting the hint.

Thank You, Next

Got it… time to go ruin someone else’s life! Good talk.

Don’t You Dare

This ex is not even entertaining the idea of a visit.

Devil of an Ex

We’re LOL’ing over the simple “HaHa” response to this ex’s advances.

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