Groom’s Sister Gets Angry After Learning He Invited Her Ex to His Wedding—He Tells Her He Doesn’t Care if She Comes Or Not

While planning a wedding, the groom decided he wanted to invite his younger sister’s ex-boyfriend. It’s a move his sister is allegedly not very happy about.

According to the groom’s Reddit post, the ex-boyfriend and his sister dated for roughly nine years. They first got together as young teenagers and separate about two years ago due to their different visions for the future.

Groom’s Sister Gets Angry After Learning He Invited Her Ex to His Wedding

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However, because they were together for so long, the groom grew close to the ex-boyfriend as well. As the groom shared in his post, he and his sister are not that close because they are two very different people, but their relationship isn’t that bad either.

“He was with us on all family occasions, we shared similar hobbies and he helped a lot in our family issues by simply being there as an independent onlooker,” the groom wrote of the ex-boyfriend. And when they broke up because it wasn’t a problematic break up, the groom “talked to my sister about keeping touch with him and she was fairly understanding about it, no fuss.”

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Eventually, both his sister and the ex-boyfriend moved on. And because the ex moved to the same city the groom lives, they became even closer friends and now he’s an integral part of his friend group. And that’s why he wants to make sure he’s at the wedding.

“I’m organizing my wedding and somehow during a conversation with my family, I slipped that I have invited him to the wedding. That’s when all hell broke loose. My sister simply stated that if he comes, she will not. My mother said that I’m a traitor to the family because I’d choose another person instead of my sister (who I only talk to a couple of times a year). [And] she also threatened me to back out of the wedding financially and emotionally (not that much of a problem, a bloody nuisance though).”

As the groom continued to tell his mother and sister his “responsibility goes as far as handing them their invites, what they do with it is entirely up to them, but this is our day and I’m not willing to let anyone guilt-trip or blackmail me into choices I don’t want to make.” He added that the wedding is a big deal to his family because he is the first of that generation to get married.

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Now he’s asking Reddit if he’s the a**hole for choosing to stand up for his decision to invite the ex-boyfriend.

“NTA. It’s your wedding,” one commenter wrote. “You’re not inviting the dude to piss your sister off. HOWEVER, if she causes a scene, you can’t say you were caught by surprise. Still not the asshole, but keep that in mind.”

People also thought the groom handled the situation well. “I also want to add, OP, props for taking the high road and saying look my fiancée and I want you at my wedding so we’re inviting you. What you do after that is your choice,” another commenter said.

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“NTA. It’s not like he was abusive or did something bad,” someone else added. “They had an amicable adult breakup. You guys are friends. Invite him.” In fact, not many of the commenters thought the groom was being rude for how he handled the situation. What are your thoughts?

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