When a Reddit User Fell Pregnant With Her Sister’s Ex-Fiancé’s Baby, She Asked Her Infertile Sister to Throw Her Baby Shower, Now the Redditor Wants to Know AITA?

(Trigger Warning: This article talks frankly about infertility.)

Shortly after this Reddit user’s 29-year-old sister broke up with her 28-year-old boyfriend of three years, she started dating him. The Reddit user admitted that she knows “there’s a whole thing surrounding dating a sibling’s ex but please hear me out.”

As the 20-year-old continued, Lucy and Josh were once engaged in 2018 before they ended their relationship in 2019 when Lucy learned that she couldn’t have kids. “I don’t know exactly what went on but after the infertility diagnosis Lucy became very depressed, she went on antidepressant medicine and started therapy.”

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The Reddit user continued, “A few weeks after starting therapy she and Josh broke up, mutually apparently. Josh lives just down the road from us so I see him out and about on the farm quite often.” She admitted that their relationship “just kind of happened naturally.”

Woman Wonders If She’s Wrong for Asking Her Infertile Sister to Plan Her Baby Shower

They went on a few dates, grew closer together, and then unexpectedly, she learned she was pregnant with her sister’s ex-fiancé’s baby. “I kept it secret from Lucy because she is still very down and depressed.”

Two months later, she decided it was time to tell Lucy. “In my opinion Josh can’t just never move on, and someone shouldn’t be forever off-limits because your sibling briefly dated them.”

But in a twist that shouldn’t surprise anyone, when Lucy learned her little sister was expecting a child with her ex-fiancé, “sh*t. hit. the. fan.”

Was This Woman Wrong Asking Infertile Sister to Throw Her Baby Shower

“I sat her down and said, ‘I have some news.’ I told her I was with Josh and that I’m expecting, I told her it would mean the world to me if she would be godmother to the baby and asked if she would like to plan the shower for me as I know she absolutely thrives on parties.”

According to the Reddit user, Lucy didn’t react, just simply asked her sister to leave. “I made the point that it’s our parents’ house.”

Being the self-aware sister that she is, she wrote, “I know on paper this sounds bad, it really does, but I should be allowed to live my life and so should Josh.” The following morning, the user received a text from Lucy that read:

“Thanks for letting me know you’re dating Josh, oh and that you’re pregnant with his child. Congratulations, you achieved what I could not. I am in such a bad place and you will never understand. Josh and I agreed I needed time and medication and then we would try again, but I guess he never told you that did he? As for your baby shower, all I can say is well done, you always were good at telling jokes. I hope you rot in hell, you evil b*tch.”

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The Reddit user said that she confronted Josh who said everything her sister said about him was true, but that after they started hanging out, he fell in love with her. The 20-year-old went on to ask if she’s “the a**hole in this situation,” because she really wants her sister’s support.

One commenter wrote, “I hope this is fake. If it is not, you are one of the biggest AH I have seen on this site.” Another added, “YTA ALL THE WAY. This is so bad. I hope it’s not real. How could anyone be so terrible?”

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And someone else commented, “‘Briefly dated?’ Three years is not brief, and they were engaged? Six months apart is nothing. And you should NEVER have asked her to throw you a party celebrating not only a baby that she is mourning that she couldn’t conceive but to her very recent ex who she was planning a life with. You don’t sound like you’ve been supportive or understanding of your sister at all. It is extremely common for people to mourn their loss when they find out they have fertility problems, it sounds like your sister is still mourning and you expect her to celebrate you? Nah.”


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