25 Halloween Costume Fails That We Can’t Stop Laughing At

Every single one of us has been there! At some point in your life, you have donned an unfortunate costume or experienced a Halloween wardrobe malfunction. Costume fails happen and some of them are bad enough that they actually win. From disgruntled dogs and cats to children not properly fitting into absolutely anything ever, we rounded up some of our favorite Halloween mishaps.

We all expect Halloween to look a bit different this year but maybe not this different. Here are 25 costume fails that will bring a smile to your face. Warning: expect some teary eyes along the way.

Something’s Off

Sometimes mistakes lead to glorious outcomes. Here, we find a child who has erroneously put their costume on which makes the tail look rather inappropriate. Kids never cease to amaze.


Apparently cutting holes in fabric to create a ghost costume is much more difficult than it looks. This dog’s name is Mila and she doesn’t seem to mind too much.

TP Monster

A mom constructed a cookie monster costume complete with a tutu for her daughter. The toddler decided she wanted to be a toilet paper monster instead.

A Squeeze

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes so it’s no wonder that finding the proper fit is a chore. This poor dinosaur costume looks like it’s stretched to the brink.

Nothing But Neck

Cats are not dogs as the owner of this cat found out after trying to fit a dog costume on her cat. Ah, life is good.

Not Great

It seems like the costume didn’t fit as described. We pray for this poor child if they attended school in this disaster.


It’s tough out there these days. This costume looks like the dog just through a teddy bear’s face.

The Hulk

Making your own Halloween outfit can be a fun exercise or it can be this. Proportions are always something you want to keep in mind. Or not! This works on another level.


This child was not supposed to look like a pregnant dinosaur but it happened. We suppose she can use the extra room up front to store her Halloween candy.

Needed Some Air

For this little fella, the weather ended up warmer than the forecast. Mom knew exactly what to do to cool him down.


Whoever made this costume put the junk on the trunk. Just pretend it’s a unicorn costume?

Not a Thriller

“First time making homemade costumes for my kids,” this parent wrote. May this not be her last because this is gold.

This Pterodactyl

A fully grown adult constructed this costume that’s supposed to make them look like a pterodactyl. They did a poll at a Halloween party to see how many people could correctly guess that. The majority of responders thought the costume was a mosquito and only one person correctly identified the flying dinosaur.

Baby Shark

Baby blew through their shark costume and they don’t look too pleased about it. Dry your tears, little one. Candy for chomping is on the way!

Who You Gonna Call?

New rule: all pugs must be dressed as Slimer from Ghostbusters. It’s something so wrong that it’s right.


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Please send thoughts and prayers because we are dead.


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Hmmmmm ????

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Brilliant. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t turn a loaf of bread and a piece of cardboard into a costume. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Plant Lady Remix

The woman who created this “plant lady” costumes explained that she accidentally messed up the shirt to say “lady plant” but decided to roll with anyway.


The baby looks like an insect larva with a blue scarf on. The person who shared this image explained that their newborn is larger than most and that’s why this did not fit.


Good luck sitting at a desk in a classroom with this on. This child is in the sixth grade and we wish him the best.

Completely Bananas

By all means, live your best fantasy. This banana/Wolverine hybrid has us so confused for so many reasons.

Just the Monster Part

This actually isn’t that funny, instead, we find it terrifying. What possessed the cookie monster and turned it into this?

Boa Mishaps Happen

Pro tip: don’t shave your armpits unless you want to. However, when wearing a faux feather boa, know that certain risks are involved.

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We Give Up

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This is not so great! Please, do not dress your toddler up like this.

There you go! 25 costume fails that will help make this Halloween a little more hilarious. We hope you learned what not to do. Please be sure to document your fails and share them because we honestly can’t get enough.

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