25 Hilarious DIY Fails That Will Make You Facepalm

We’ve all been there. We think we’re clever by half and then realize we’ve completely ruined the project we’ve been working on. It happens to everyone, but it’s much funnier when it’s someone else’s mistake. So, let’s laugh at other people’s attempts to DIY or do it yourself. There’s honestly nothing better than a proper DIY fail.

Because most of us are spending more time at home than ever before, many have started new home improvement projects that have not gone to plan. It’s all good because the failure can be shared with others and everyone can have a good chuckle at the utter incompetence on display. We decided to take a deep dive into DIY fails to discover the “greatest hits” or should we say, misses. Here are 25 gloriously bad DIY fails that will make you feel better about your own life choices and capabilities.

Wait. Is This a Win?

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Nice water distribution ????

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No, this beer taped to a pipe is not a showerhead. Will you smell like a cheap date after a rinse? Possibly.

Forgot to Move the Pictures

“Yep,” one woman explained of this image. “That’s right. He actually did it. He actually painted [around] the picture frames. Imagine when we sell the house and the new people walked in and saw this?” What was he thinking?

The Door that Could Not Door

It can be hard to get a handle on life but on a door? That shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Wrong! This did not turn out right.

What’s the Purpose of “Door”?

We had an existential crisis when we looked at this photo of a bathroom door. A door offers privacy. This door offers none of that.

They Did What with a Towel Rack?

MacGyver would be proud? Where there’s a will there’s a way. We just wish some people didn’t have so much will.

Let It Dry First

“Note to self….wait for paint to dry before flipping door around next time,” the person who shared this image wrote. Noted. It’s a friendly reminder that paint is wet.

Where There’s a Will…

Cooling your home should not involve a stool. We’re sorry, but it’s just the rules. This was a valiant effort.

The Splatter

If you ever get into a fight with a radiator, know that the radiator will always win. This person was just trying to apply a fresh coat of paint. What a shame.


Carpet does not belong in many places, but it especially should not be found in a bathroom. This is disgusting.


The ingenuity of man never ceases to amaze. This, of course, does so for all the wrong reasons. This has to violate almost every building code in every municipality. Wow.

It Was Hot…

A hot car is a dangerous thing. AC broken? Problem solved! The car window unit is something we never wanted but somehow always needed.


Some light fixtures are designed specifically to repel water, others are not. Here’s an example of a pendant, meant to hang from the ceiling, coming from a wall. The light bulb is completely exposed. This could easily lead to injury or even death.


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Because it’s been a minute since I posted one of these….

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Apparently you can build a shower on a budget. Glass holds up better, but this is fine, right?

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You Can’t Ring My Bell

If the purpose of a doorbell is to ring, then why would you block the part that does the ringing? This is the craziest doorbell install we’ve ever seen.

Take a Dip

In case you were unsure, water is heavy. Finding the right, structurally sound, spot for a jacuzzi is essential. Professionals are great for helping with something like that.

An Oasis

The person who posted this picture explained that her husband had just laid down for a nap in the hammock when the post snapped and, apparently, the entire world crumbled around him.

Luxury Chandelier

Anything that involves electricity should be carefully considered. These flashlight pendant lights were a choice. Wonder how long they’ll last?

Have You Heard of a Switch Plate Cover?

Things exist that cover switches and outlets. These things are called switch plates and are readily available at most home improvement stores. Carving stone to fit a switch is not the answer.

No High Beams? No Problem

Another clever use of the trusty flashlight here. The person who rigged these lights explained that duct tape would peel the paint so they used scotch tape instead…

A Touch Crooked

Plumbers exist! This could have been avoided. Alas.

What Does a Vent Do?

It’s a sad day for proper ventilation. We’re not sure the person who did this DIY install understands the concept.

A Touch Off

The molding and framing are like a literal “X marks the spot” here and still, this. We hope they have an electrician they can call in for backup.

A Sinking Feeling

This is so very wrong. We’ve seen some pretty gnarly DIY fails but this tile is one of the absolute worst DIY’s out there.

Safety First

A rail is always there for you when you need a hand, but what happens when a rail needed a hand? Just wow!

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Who Needs a Mechanic?

How’s your chassis been doing lately? Chances are, much better than this one. Whoever did this deserves an “A” for effort, we guess.

There you go! 25 DIY fails that will make you question how the human race has survived this long. We’re a little worried, but most happy people are trying.

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