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13 Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Prove We’re All Going Through This Together

Being a parent is hard. It can be draining and isolating. Sometimes, it’s easy to think we’re going through all of the hardships alone. But the truth is we’re not. And nothing nails that point home like seeing other people turn the daily parenting ups and downs into pure comedy gold by way of hilarious parenting tweets.

For years, parents have taken to social media to share their thoughts, jokes, and insights about what being a mom or dad is really like. We love these kinds of posts because they remind us we are all figuring this out together. Plus, it’s a relief to be able to laugh at someone else’s life for a second, ya know? Especially when they invite us to do so.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite funny parenting tweets from the last week to inject a little joy and relatability into your day.

Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Prove We’re All In This Together

A Lesson in Ice Cream

An Unspeakable Creature

Baby Ninjas

Use the Concept of Homework to Your Advantage

The Hardest Problem to Solve

The Laundry Cycle

The Lies We Tell

Only Veteran Parents Will Understand

The Sound of Silence

A Special Lullaby


A Pinterest Tragedy

You Can Run, You Can Hide…

So next time you’re feeling bogged down by all of the hard stuff, remember that there are so many other people going through it. Learning to spot the humor in the craziness is a time-proven remedy for parents everywhere. Thanks for the laughs! Now back to the laundry…

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