25 Hilarious Parenting Tweets by @DadAndBuried: ‘What Is Your Kid’s Favorite Band and Why Is It Imagine Dragons?’

Social media can be a place of humble parenting brags and an endless stream of perfectly curated photos. That’s why we’re especially grateful for moms and dads who are out there keeping it real with hilarious parenting tweets. One of our favorite funny fathers, @DadAndBuried, never fails to capture all of the struggles that come with raising small, wild humans.

If you’ve ever tried to hide from your child in the bathroom or had an Imagine Dragons song stuck in your head, this dad is a must follow. We’ve narrowed down our top 25 hilarious tweets from this father-of-two for your enjoyment.

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25 of the Most Hilarious Parenting Tweets by @DadAndBuried

Warning: Contains Annoying Content

While we’re sure your child is quite hilarious, no one can pull off a non-stop Jim Carrey impression.

Us, Tired? Never.

We will always call their bluff.

Oh the Drama

We’re pretty sure that giant dinosaur isn’t real either, but let’s just play along.

Pure Insanity

Muzzles, anyone? Even parents need a time out.

Soothing Sounds of Mom

We’ve stepped on those LEGOS before and don’t blame her one single bit.

We Cannot Have Nice Things

At least it was a fun five seconds. Thanks, Grandma!

No. 1 Dad

Just when you thought you had that number one dad thing in the bag, they go and break you down.

Hide & Seek

If the bathroom isn’t a safe space, you’re doomed.

Living the Dream

Is this what they mean by “quality family time?”

Bedtime Monsters

At least we have all day to prepare for them to become absolute bedtime terrors.

Kids These Days

If we get one of their songs stuck in our heads again, we’re going to lose it!

You Want A Trophy?

Son, try doing your own taxes and then we can talk.

Surprise Party

Leave it to this dad to spoil all the fun.

Where is Gary?

Please address Gary by his proper name or not at all.

Stay Humble

We’ll just be out here doing a mediocre job to make you all feel better about yourselves.

Deep Thoughts

Isn’t it fascinating how their minds work?

Dad Bod

Who doesn’t love a good dad thirst trap photo?

Mark Your Calendars

Oh, you weren’t aware that Mother’s Day occurs twice a year? Now you’ve been informed.

Welcome to the Thunderdome

Working from home with kids is not for the faint of heart.

Only Six More Hours

Emergency tip: shut the blinds and change the clocks. They’ll never know.

The Truth Comes Out

I’ll have you know that I am excellent at sandwich making, television watching, and dad jokes.

Hair Scare

Honey, you’re starting to scare the children.

The Last Crusade

How did we enter this phase of life?

Big Mistake

PSA: never refer to it as a week-long celebration.

Seeking Clarification

Again, this is dangerous territory.

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