25 funny parenting tweets by @fatherwithtwins: 'try not to be too upset when your kids do the bare minimum and expect kudos'

25 Funny Parenting Tweets by @FatherWithTwins: ‘Try Not To Be Too Upset When Your Kids Do the Bare Minimum and Expect Kudos’

Parenting ten-year-old twin boys is no easy task. Lucky for us, Robert Knop is documenting all of the hilarious moments on Twitter. His account, @FatherWithTwins, is a must-follow for anyone who knows what it’s like to live with kids who have no internet access or that feeling when you discover a bag of chips under your child’s pillow. And thus he enters our Funny Parenting Tweets pantheon of icons.

Whether he’s enduring another drive-by birthday party or serving dinner to unsatisfied customers, this dad of two knows the struggle is real. We’ve curated our top 25 favorite tweets from Robert Knop’s @FatherWithTwins just for you.

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25 Funny Parenting Tweets From Funny Dad Robert Knop, aka @FatherWithTwins

The Devil is in the Details

When asking about your child’s hygiene habits, it’s important to be as specific as possible.

Refined Palate

We’ll have what he’s having!

Honorable Mention

Would you like a trophy for simply existing, dear child?

Pedicure, Anyone?

There are moments as a parent when you just simply need to pretend that you saw nothing.

Covid Cake Longings

Can you maybe throw a slice into the car window?

You’ve Been Warned

It wasn’t funny the last 100 times and now we’re done.

Where Have We Been?

Why haven’t we been sending them outside to play all along?!

White Noise

Basically the equivalent to calming ocean waves, don’t you think?

Time Management

We applaud the dedication it takes to stick to an hour-long complaint session.

That Prime Tho

Just waiting on the stack of boxes to form outside.

Good Game

It’s been real, team. Better luck next season.

Thoughts and Prayers

They might have to actually read a book or *gasp* spend time with the family.

Hold the Sauce

Giving your dinner a bath is a savage move.

The Anxiety River

My how priorities change with the seasons of parenting.

You Can Keep ‘Em

Boys, you’re going to love your new home with a pool!

Entree Options

Can I see the menu, please?

Empty Jar, Full Heart

We’re pretty sure we know who put the empty milk jug back in the fridge as well.

Parenting Justifications

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Dad.

Pillow Chips

Do you have a beverage under there as well, son?

Do I Even Know You?

We’re just now getting to know one another, I guess?

Inquire Within

Must also love cleaning up spills and answering endless amounts of questions.

It’s Still Dark Out

Why do they turn into summer roosters?

Did You Hear Something?

I guess they’ve got it covered, so I’ll go back to being invisible.

Emoji Intelligence

I do not know what type of animal that is and I’m not sure when one would ever use it.

Say Cheese or Whatever

The holiday card is done!

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