100 Carefree Hippie Boy Names

Hippie boy names are attractive to so many expecting parents because these appellations are evocative of nature’s splendor, of giant trees, peaceful meadows, rolling brooks, and fluffy animals. In addition to nature-inspired names, storied names that sound Bohemian and offbeat are also excellent options. Further, hippie boy names are largely secular which has emerged as a very attractive feature for baby appellations with new parents today.

Hippie boy names express a love of culture as well as the wild. These names can come from a variety of places including mythology and history. The key is that a name must have a sort of carefree, weightless appeal to it. Take a look at our favorites to some hippie boy names. We are sure there are several options that could be a good fit for your family!

Bohemian Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Harmony – A perfectly balanced, unisex name that plays well with others. The name is of Greek origin and it means “fitting.” The latest naming data in the US shows the name as the 169th most popular.
  • Arlo – Arlo may be rooted in the surname Arlow or the Scottish place name Aherlow, meaning “between two highlands.” It’s a unisex option as well.
  • Hale – Hale is a very English name that means “someone who lives in the hollow.” This name sounds hearty and accessible!
  • Otto – A name that’s been used by parents for centuries in the US. The name is of German origin and means “wealthy.”
  • Enzo – Enzo is the preferred Italian form of Heinz, a German name that means “estate ruler.” The name is in the top 250 in the US and it’s even more popular in France right now.

More BOHO Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Pax – A fabulous gender-neutral option. The name is of Latin origin and means “peace.” It would be an excellent choice that offers a cool edge thanks to that X.
  • Sayer – Sayer is an Old English occupational name that refers to a “woodcutter” or “reciter.” Sayer is related to the name Sawyer and we think it’s the more unique of the two.
  • Rafi – Rafi can be considered a Spanish variation of Raphael and mean “God has healed.” Or, it can be a shortened form of the Arabic name, Rafiq, which means “friend.”
  • Felix – Originally Felix was a Roman surname but was adopted as a nickname by the ancient Roman Sulla, who believed that he was blessed with luck from the gods. The name is of Latin origin and means “fortunate.”
  • Nile – Nile is a name that refers to the Egyptian river. The Greek root actually means “river.” However, the name is also a form of Irish Gaelic Niall.

Offbeat Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Cosmo – A charming and very fun Italian and Greek name that means “order.” If you’re a parent who loves looking at the night sky, consider this fresh name for your sun.
  • Leopold – Leopold is an appealing German name that means “brave people.” Leopold sounds very serious, which we rather like for a cute baby boy. However, this name has the added benefit of the beloved Leo nickname.
  • Clyde – Clyde is a name that carries jazzy coolness along with it. The name relates to the River Clyde that runs through Glasgow, Scotland. It was a top-100 name in the US through the 1930s and has made a comeback in the last few years reentering the top 1000 in 2013 where it has stayed.
  • Keanu – It’s not just for Keanu Reeves! Keanu is a wonderful Hawaiin name that’s completely accessible. It has about the most bohemian meaning you could ever imagine: “cool breeze over the mountains.” 
  • Cassius – Atoried ancient Roman name that’s enjoying favor once more today, Cassius is of Latin origin and means “hollow.” 

Evocative Hippy Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Jupiter – Name your son Jupiter and call him Jupe for short. How does that sound? This Roman name has roots in ancient mythology, of course. It means “father Zeus.”
  • Benno –  Benno is a German appellation that means “bear” but it has the lovely sound of names like Benjamin and Ben. 
  • Jago – Jago is a name that’s got roots in both Spanish and Cornish. It’s a form of the Hebrew name Jacob which means “supplanter.” The name can be pronounced jay-go or yay-go.
  • Idris – Idris is an absolute stunner of a name that has origins in both Welsh and Arabic. In Wales, you’ll find the name as it describes “a lord.” In Arabic, the name is associated with studying and therefore means “studious.”
  • Amias – Amias is a handsome, secular name that sounds biblical but it’s not. The name actually comes from a surname that’s related to Amadeus. The name means “loved.”

Storied Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Hopper – Hopper is an English and Dutch occupational name that means “hop grower.” This spirited name sounds literary and contemporary at the same time. 
  • Albus – Despite this name being used for Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books, Albus makes for a handsome choice. The name proceeds the Potter franchise by a few centuries when it was used by the ancient Romans. Albus means “bright.”
  • Henrik – Henrik might seem like an odd name but it belonged to one of the most influential playwrights of all time, Henrik Ibsen. Known as the “father of realism,” Ibsen brought modernist views to the theater. For fans of A Doll’s House, Henrik would make the best name for a boy. Henrik is a Danish form of Henry, meaning “estate ruler.”
  • Elwyn – Author E.B. White’s first name was Elwyn. White wrote children’s classics, Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web. His stories of charismatic animals that have to make decisions just like people do entertain and educate children still today. Elwyn is a name of Welsh origin, meaning “elf friend.” Elwyn is one of the subtle literary names for boys.
  • Dorian – Dorian was unveiled as a first name by Oscar Wilde in his 1890 novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Dorian is an Ancient name that belonged to an Ancient Greek tribe. The name means “stranger,” “gift,” or “of Doris.”

Botanical Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Rue– A gender-neutral option kicks this list off! Rue is the perfect unisex choice that works for boys thanks to it sounding close to Drew. Rue was treasured by the ancient Romans for its medicinal applications. However, the name means “regret.”
  • Sage– Another beloved herb by the Romans, Sage is a special name meaning “wise.”
  • Florian– A distinguished and established name, Florian has Latin roots that mean “flower.”
  • Betony– A virtually unused name, Betony is also the name of a wildflower.
  • Campion– Campion is a French name that means “champion.” However, campion wildflowers are beloved for their pink and red petals.

More Botanical Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Basil– Basil comes from a Greek root meaning “kingly.” It’s why basilicas are called such. Basil is also the name of a beloved herb!
  • Sorrel– An edible herb with reddish-purple flowers, sorrels have a scrumptious name. Sorrel is also a French name meaning “reddish.”
  • Reed– The name Reed enjoys English origins and is associated with boys with red hair. Reeds, of course, are the grassy plant often found growing near marshes.
  • Zahur– Zahur has Egyptian and Arabic roots and is one of a few nature boy names that means “flower.”
  • Oleander– Not only is Oleander a mashup of wildly popular Oliver and Alexander, Oleander names a flowering shrub.

Tree Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Rowan– The Rowan tree gave us the Scottish name Rowan. In Ireland, the name means “redhead.”
  • Ash– From the Hebrew name Asher, Ash also refers to the Ash tree.
  • Ewan– Scottish Gaelic, Ewan, means “born of the yew tree.”
  • Oren– A Hebrew name that means “laurel” and “pine tree.”
  • Elon– Another Hebrew treasure, Elon means “oak tree.”

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More Tree Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Cedar– Cedar comes from Latin roots and indeed means “cedar tree.”
  • Leif– Scandinavian name Leif actually means “heir” but it’s pronounced just like the word leaf.
  • Birch– Birch refers to the tree but it’s an established name that means “dweller in the birch forest.”
  • Branch– Of all the nature names on this list, we imagine that Branch might be the most polarizing. We think it works, but if it seems like too much of a stretch, don’t!
  • Banyan– The name of a tropical Indian fig tree, Banyan translates to mean “the God tree.”

Earthy Hippie Boy Names Inspired by Minerals, Rocks, and More

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Slate– An excellent alternative to Slade, if you are looking for one, Slate refers to the cool, smooth rock.
  • Alabaster– Alabaster makes for an evocative name for boys as it describes a smooth, white stone. The name evolved from Egyptian al-abaste, which refers to the Egyptian God Bast.
  • Jasper– Thankfully, Jasper has grown in popularity in recent years. This awesome Persian name means “bringer of treasure.” But, you will also find a variant of it in Hebrew, meaning “speckled stone.”
  • Onyx– The smooth black stone you know and love has such a wonderful name! Onyx contains Greek elements which mean “claw.”
  • Kito– Kito is a Swahili name for boys that means “precious jewel.” Simplicity is bliss in one of our favorite hippie boy names, Kito.

More Earthy Hippie Boy Names Inspired by Stones and Minerals

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Jet – Jet is a dark mineraloid formed from fossilized wood. The term “jet black” comes from this stone.
  • Garnet – Garnet is a unisex name that means “pomegranate.” Like the fruit pomegranate, Garnet is often seen in reddish-orange hues, although it can be virtually any color.
  • Stone – A name that gets right to the point. If you’re after a no-nonsense appellation, this could be the right one for your son.
  • Obsidian – Obsidian comes in many color varieties but is usually a deep black color that sometimes has a blackish-green hue. Obsidian is formed from volcanic lava that is cooled so quickly that it has no time to crystallize. 
  • Steele – An English surname-name that means… “steel.” It makes for an excellent, cool given name.

Landscape and Topographic Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Forest– A name you know and love, Forest makes for a remarkable name for boys.
  • Glenn– A Scottish name that’s used for both boys and girls, Glenn means “wooded valley.”
  • Hawthorn– A touch prickly, Hawthorn sounds rather buttoned-up but we urge you to consider it! Hawthorn, like Glenn, is a topographic name referring to a “hedge of hawthorn.”
  • Heath– Heath is a handsome name for boys that refers to a “heathland dweller.”
  • River– River has been a hot nature name since the 1990s. River simply refers to the flowing bodies of water.

More Topographic and Landscape Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Bay– Bay has Latin origins and means “berry,” so this one is a two-for-one in that it’s a botanical name and a name for a body of water.
  • Lake– Thanks to its proximity to Blake, Lake works as an excellent alternative that highlights nature.
  • Flint– An English topographic name, Flint means “born near a crop of Flint.” This name was once wildly popular in the 1960s.
  • Pike– Yes, Pike is a fish, but it’s also the name of Pike’s Peak which was so named by Zebulon Pike.
  • Everest– Not our favorite of the nature names on this list, but one that’s been getting used far more often these days. The name of the world’s tallest mountain.

Ocean Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Arnav – A popular name in India, Arnav is of Hindi origin and means “ocean.”
  • Dylan – A name of Welsh origin that means “son of the sea.” It’s a unisex option.
  • Irving – A name of Scottish origin that means “green river” or “sea friend.” The meaning “sea friend” feels like one of the most fitting hippie boy names.
  • Kai – Kai has emerged as a huge hit for both boys and girls in recent years. The name is of Hawaiian origin and means “sea.”
  • Malik – A name found in both Arabic and Greenlandic traditions, meaning “king” or “wave.”

Animal Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Bear– Bear has been a hot name in the UK for years now and it’s finally come to the US. A little grizzly and a little teddy.
  • Finch– Finch could make for a colorful choice. The name belongs to the bird but also has a history as an English name meaning “to swindle.”
  • Fox– Sleek and a bit wild, Fox would be the perfect name for a boy with playful parents.
  • Hawk– Sometimes spelled with an E as a surname, Hawk simply refers to the bird of prey.
  • Wolf– Is Wolf too much of a name for a baby boy to shoulder? You get to decide! If it’s too literal, the German name Wolfgang means “wolf traveler.”

More Animal Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Wren– Wren is an English bird name that benefits from sounding exactly like the established name Rene.
  • Robin– A unisex option, Robin refers to the bird, but it’s also an English diminutive form of Robert. In fact, it’s been a nickname for Robert for centuries. Thus, the name means “bright fame.”
  • Buck– A touch rough around the edges, Buck may or may not appeal to you. We think it’s a strong name. It, of course, means “male deer.”
  • Drake– Drake is a handsome one! This English name can mean “dragon” or “male duck.”
  • Raoul– If you’re looking for a nature name with a touch of mystery, the French name Raoul might be the perfect option. It means “wolf-counsel” and sounds way better than its Germanic form: Ralph.

Even More Animal Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Aslan – A name of Turkish origin that means “lion.” Most are familiar with this name via the heroic lion in C.S. LewisChronicles of Narnia series.
  • Baz – A diminutive of Sebastian or Basil or a Kurdish name, Baz sounds so energetic. Possible meanings for this name include “regal” and “falcon.”
  • Callum – A unisex Scottish name that is a form of Columba, Callum means “dove.”
  • Enoli – A Cherokee boy’s name with a great meaning: “black fox.” Foxes symbolize cleverness and playfulness in Cherokee culture. That makes this one of the best hippie boy names on the list!
  • Jael – A unisex name of Hebrew origin that means “mountain goat.” A popular name in Israel today we wish more American parents would go for this great option.

Mythological Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Sylvan– Sylvan comes from the Roman forest god Sylvan. Thus, this Latin name means “woods.”
  • Aries– An astrology, mythology, and animal name all in one, Aries has it all. The Roman God of with a name that translates to “ram.”
  • Atlas– The Name of the Greek Titan who held the entire earth. This name is great for travelers as well. The name means “to carry.”
  • Lir– Pronounced exactly the same way as Lear, Lir is an Irish name for boys that belonged to the god of the sea.
  • Pan– A Greek mythological figure of a figure who possessed the legs of a goat! The being was tied to nature and the name Pan means “shepherd.”

More Hippie Boy Names from Myth

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Osian – Osian – Osian or Oisin is popular in Irish mythology as the name belonging to a renowned warrior poet. Osian is also popular in modern Wales and England. Osian is the Welsh form and it’s pronounced o-SHAN.
  • Athos – Athos was the name of one of the mythological Greek Gigantes. Additionally, Alexandre Dumas gave the name Athos to a father figure in The Three Musketeers. Athos has a classical sound to it and any child with the name would definitely stand out. It’s one of the literary names for boys with a great meaning in “holy mountain.”
  • Zephyr – If you’re after a zippy name, Zephyr is the god of the west wind. In fact, this name is synonymous with “west wind.” Zephyr is a popular gender-neutral option today.
  • Jove – Another name for Jupiter, Jove feels like a solid choice for a modern boy today. The name means “to shine” but it’s so closely associated with Jupiter that it’s also taken to mean “sky father.”
  • Thor – A Norse name you likely know well, Thor is the god of thunder, strength, rain, trees, and protection of mankind. The name means “thunder.”

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Hero Hippie Boy Names

100 Hippie Boy Names
  • Ziggy – An appellation of German origin, a diminutive form of names like Sigfried and Sigmund. It means “victorious people.” Most will associate the name with the alter ego of David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust.
  • WillieWillie Nelson inspired this pick. Willie is a diminutive form of William, a name that means “resolute protection.”
  • Ansel – Ansel is boy’s name of German origin meaning “with divine protection.” The name is inspired the great western, photographer Ansel Adams, who is famed for his majesstic photographs of the Yosemite Valley
  • Cassady – A name inspired by Neal Cassady (Neal is also great!). Cassady is considered a leading figure of the Beat Generation. Cassady is a name of Irish origin that means “curly hair.”
  • Hendrix – One of the best hippie boy names for parents who love to rock is Hendrix which comes from English and Dutch and means “estate ruler.” Of course, Jimi Hendrix is the inspiration for this name.

There you go! What did you think of these hippie boy names? We hope you found some options worthy of your flower child. Hippie boy names come from a variety of inspirations from nature to literature, to mythology. Think outside the box and you’ll have the perfect appellation for your son!

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