Another Hot Car Death: One Twin Dies in Hot Car, the Other Miraculously Survives

Another Hot Car Death: One 11-Month-Old Twin Dies, the Other Miraculously Survives

A set of twins were left alone in a hot car late last week, leaving an 11-month-old dead while his sister survived the tragic accident.

The twins were found at around 11:45 a.m. at the Sunny King Honda car dealership in Oxford, Alabama, according to CNN.

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The twins’ father works at the car dealership and had moved the twins out of the car by the time EMTs arrived. The children were rushed to the Regional Medical Center. The boy died shortly thereafter, but his sister is doing well, according to Oxford Police Chief Bill Patridge.

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Police told a local reporter at CBS 42 that the father didn’t realize the twins were still in the car until his wife called to ask how they were doing. The mom had received a call from the twins’ daycare center inquiring whether or not the twins would be coming in that day.

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According to the Calhoun Country Coroner’s office, the twins had been left in the car from 8:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Chief Patridge confirmed to CBS 42 that the incident is under investigation.

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“All indications seem that this is a tragic accident,” Calhoun County Coroner Pat Brown told CNN affiliate WIAT. “No one can fathom the way this family feels, and I especially want to make sure that people are sympathetic to this family and that they get all the facts before they pass judgment.”

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